Jul 23, 2019

EverExceed offers an extensive portfolio of AGM, GEL, premium Flooded and Lithium batteries as well as rectifier system to serve the telecommunications industry. Our batteries are featured with excellent deep cycle ability, long life, compact footprint, high energy density, and ease of installation. The design of the batteries and rectifier system are ideally suitable for a wide range of wireless telecom applications, including indoor and outdoor BTS.

Product recommended

High Rate Range VRLA Battery

The EverExceed High Rate Range VRLA batteries provides high performance and reliability in fast discharge applications. Our development team combines the market's demand with design optimization, precision component selection and state of the art manufacturing process to produce the most cost effective battery solution for today's applications.


Standard Range VRLA Battery

The EverExceed top terminal Standard Range provides high performance and reliability in long duration discharge applications. Our development team combines the market's demand with design optimization, precision component selection and state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce the most cost effective battery solution for today's applications.


Front Access FT Range VRLA Battery

The extremely powerful, compact AGM batteries of EverExceed front access FT Range are an ideal energy source for durability in Telecommunications and Electric Utility applications. It provides high performance and reliability in long duration discharge applications. Our development team combines the market's demand with design optimization, precision component selection and state-of-the-art manufacturing process toproduce the most cost effective battery solution for today's applications.


Front Access FT Gel Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed front access FT Gel Range VRLA provides excellent performance and reliability in long duration discharge cycling applications. Our development team combines the market's demand with design optimization, precision component selection and state of the art manufacturing process to produce the most cost effective battery solution for today's applications.


Tubular OPzV Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with wealthy experience ensure it's tubular OPzV gelled batteries reliable performance, safety, outstanding battery life and value. Each cell is 100% factory tested. EverExceed tubular OPzV batteries can be used in float or deep cycle (1500 x 80%) service and have a design life of 20 years at 20°C. EverExceed tubular OPzV batteries can be stored up to 2 years at 20°C without fresh charging.


Flooded Tubular OPzS Range Battery

EverExceed Tubular plate OPzS batteries are characterized by low maintenance requirements, long service life and excellent capacity performance while operating in high temperature or unstable power network. These batteries also ensure optimum energy efficiency and great cost effective energy solution. With proven high reliability, these batteries are extremely good choice for solar/photovoltaic, telecommunication, oil gas, transportations, petrochemical industries.


Modular Max Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed Modular Max Range Valve Regulated Lead Acid (V.R.L.A.) batteries are designed for the long standby back-up power requirements of wireless / PCS telecommunications, MTSOs, central offices, utilities, switch gear and control applications. Ouradvanced AGM absorbed electrolyte technology coupled with thick positive plates and a welded / epoxy, dual post seal ensures reliable performance, safety, outstandingbattery life and value. Battery has a design life of 20 years and complies with BS6290 Part 4, EUROBAT (IEC 896-2) standards and is a recognized component of UL1989 under the Standby battery Category.


Unilyte Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed Unilyte Range VRLA batteries are one of the best Absorbed Electrolyte type batteries.The cells are designed so that a controlled amount of electrolyte is contained within an absorbent non-woven separator material that also separates the battery plates. This type of separator construction allows full wetting of the plates with the available electrolyte and also allows the free passage of the oxygen generated during charging. This construction is generally referred toas Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type.


Telecom Lithium Iron Battery

The communication facilities of telecom operators tend to be integrated, smaller and lighter. That means more business facilities are to be installed in a limited space. This has prompted higher requirements for the new advanced backup battery solution for Telecom industry and thus EverExceed provides you the unique Telecom Lithium Iron battery solution.


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