Congratulations | EverExceed Engineer Joe Zou was selected into the expert tank of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association
Sep 11, 2023

Recently, after the vote of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association, Joe, as the EverExceed chief engineer, was elected as the expert think tank expert of the Association in 2023. As a national high-tech enterprise and specialized and sophisticated SMEs, EverExceed is committed to scientific and technological innovation to provide users with the most reliable power energy overall solution. Joe has been committed to innovative research and development technology, constantly upgrading AC and DC industrial power supply solutions and services, with a rigorous scientific attitude, good professional ethics, high professional academic level and strong analytical judgment ability, with a number of new utility patents, integrated circuits, soft copywriting and other achievements in the field of power or industry technology research and development; which make EverExceed AC and DC power solutions more flexible, more reliable, more affordable. These are also the reasons why Joe was selected as an expert of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association expert think tank.

Innovation is the driving force of Shenzhen's economic development, high-tech industry is the pillar industry of Shenzhen's economy, and high-tech enterprises are the main body of technological innovation. Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association has long been committed to improving the comprehensive competitiveness of Shenzhen science and technology enterprises, and has developed into one of the most representative industry organizations in the high-tech industry with the development of Shenzhen's high-tech industry for 25 years.

Joining the expert tank members of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association is not only the recognition of Joe's past achievements in EverExceed, but also the affirmation of EverExceed 's development in high-tech industry. As a national certified high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen specialized new technology enterprise, EverExceed will spare no effort to exert its own technical advantages and practical advantages, with the support of favorable policies, actively cooperate in the development of high-tech, small and micro enterprise services, etc. Together with the government, industry organizations and members of the association, we are committed to promoting the development and progress of high-tech in Shenzhen, making our own contribution to better serving the social and economic development of high-tech industry and promoting the digital finance of high-tech services.

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