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EverExceed brand is a globally recognized brand successfully registered in 2004, and has been successfully registered in more than 80 countries.

With the founder's keen insight into the prospects for the development of this industry, EverExceed was determined to create a brand for the global industrial power and make its own contribution. With global manufacturing and operations serving over 30,000 customers in 100 countries, we are the recognized global leader for power solutions and systems.

EverExceed designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of award-winning products including: 

Critical power

Lithium batteries

Lead acid batteries

NiCd batteries

Solar power system


             EverExceed | Empower, Energize, Exceed the Energy you Expect forever.



 Global EverExceed®

The EverExceed brand originated in London, UK in 1985, at the time of the rapid development of global industrial power products. EverExceed, born in the hinterland of the traditional industrial country, has systematically inherited the research results of British power and industrial power technology since the 18th century. Our company has long focused on leading the world in the development of industrial power supply and new energy products. With hundreds of years of knowledge reserves and technical accumulation in the UK, EverExceed's business scope covers the world, making it one of the top European brands.

Chinese EverExceed®  

With the vigorous development of the Chinese economy, the prosperous Internet economy, the advent of the data economy era, and the pressure of environmental protection and energy conservation, EverExceed believes that Chinese market will greater and brighter in the future. In 2010, EverExceed established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen YongXinNeng Technology Co., Ltd., in the forefront city of Chinese economy, Shenzhen, responsible for the development and promotion of EverExceed's products and solutions in the Chinese market.


 Your EverExceed® 

In China and globally, you can apply to become a channel partner of EverExceed by phone, email, or online registration. You will ally with a global industry brand, and together, we will thrive and prosper. Wherever customers are, EverExceed is committed to providing them with key products, services, and solutions to drive their success, thereby promoting their business growth and improving customer satisfaction.

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