EverExceed actively explores and discovers a new world with ever-growing energy and solutions.


    Reliable and full power range of AGM, GEL, Flooded, High temperature valve regulated lead acid batteries.
  • Lithium battery

    Lithium battery

    Fast charging ability LiFePO4 batteries to provide ideal energy solution for solar, telecom, UPS, motive, medical applications.
  • NiCd battery

    NiCd battery

    Long durable pocket plate range, sealed low maintenance, ultra low maintenance, sintered plate range NiCd batteries.
  • Solar panel

    Solar panel

    EverExceed is a leading manufacturer in producing high quality and high efficiency solar panel, solar charge controller, inverter, solar street light system, solar home system, solar BTS solution as well as Solar energy storage solution. These products are manufactured by automated products line to offer state of art technology. All kinds of requirements can be customized by expert engineers to provide high reliability solutions.
  • Industrial charger

    Industrial charger

    Customized redundant charging battery charger which is suitable for all type of batteries.
  • Data center

    Data center

    Highly integrated micro and medium data center solution featured with compact & intelligent IT cabinet & power distribution unit.
  • UPS


    EverExceed's UPS provide full-scale power protection for critical applications including industrial, government, corporate, home, healthcare ,oil and gas, security, IT, data center, transportation and advanced military systems.
  • Energy storage solution

    Energy storage solution

    Advanced & innovative off-grid/ on-grid energy storage solution to enjoy independent and maintenance free solution.
Featured products
EverExceed develops new products and solutions according to the latest changes in the market.
Wall Mounted Solar Lithium Battery

Wall Mounted Solar Lithium Battery

Zeus Power Plus Wall Mounted Solar Lithium Battery is capable of high power density, long service life with easy installation facilities on your wall to save space. It offers high efficiency power conditioning capabilities of solar energy storage for residential, commercial and utility applications.     
  • Wall mounted Wall mounted
  • IP65 waterproof IP65 waterproof
  • Higher capacity Higher capacity
  • Long backup time Long backup time
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Thermal Body Temperature Solution

Thermal Body Temperature Solution

EverExceed launches the industry's latest thermal camera, which is capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3℃ (with blackbody). With built-in AI algorithm, it can measure multiple persons from up to 3-meter distance, enabling fast and non-contact access.
  • Accurate Accurate
  • Non-contact Non-contact
  • Fast Fast
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New Generation Data Center Solution

New Generation Data Center Solution

EverExceed Smart IT Cabin solution is featured with intelligent power distribution, battery health monitoring and world-class leading power conditioning and battery backup.This new solution quickly, simply and efficiently meets those local IT needs and is the only integrated solution that includes the UPS system, rack PDU, rack back-up batteries, precision air-conditioning and remote access capabilities which are fully integrated and pre-fabricated to ensure optimal performance.
  • Quick deployment Quick deployment
  • High efficiency High efficiency
  • safety& reliability safety& reliability
  • Intelligent management Intelligent management
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PRM Plus Modular UPS

PRM Plus Modular UPS

EverExceed 50KVA high energy power modular UPS is a hot-swappable, highly scalable, online dual-conversion UPS making it ideal for modern data centers. The series adopt advanced IGBT three-level conversion, dual DSP control technology, N + X parallel redundancy, with high ease of use and reliability. Advanced technology for guaranteed best performance which is researched and developed in UK.
  • Quick deployment Quick deployment
  • High efficiency High efficiency
  • safety& reliability safety& reliability
  • Intelligent management Intelligent management
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Security Surveillance Solutions

Security Surveillance Solutions

EverExceed provides industrial and commercial Solar Powered Security Cameras with intelligent and flexible monitoring solutions. The Security Cameras have been designed to go beyond the desire to be "Green". Enjoy the unlimited power of sun to get non-stop security surveillance.
  • Wireless Wireless
  • High Resolution High Resolution
  • Night vision Night vision
  • Smart APP Smart APP
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Our Applications
EverExceed, as a world-class enterprise,established in 1985, has operation on six continents.


EverExceed manufactures complete power solution for solar/wind & micro grids applications. We offer wide range of VRLA batteries, lithium batteries, solar panels, controllers, inverters, solar home system specially designed for renewable energy applications. Our solar products are highly develop...
Data center

Data center

EverExceed offers cutting edge micro & medium data center solution which adopts most advanced and exquisite design to build safe, reliable and scalable data center. We offer variety of products specially designed for Data center. We have specially optimized lead acid batteries, lithium batteries...


EverExceed offers an extensive portfolio of AGM, GEL, premium Flooded and Lithium batteries as well as rectifier system to serve the telecommunications industry. Our batteries are featured with excellent deep cycle ability, long life, compact footprint, high energy density, and ease of installation....


EverExceed manufactures a full range of stationary valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries, thyristor controlled rectifier charger & inverter for electric utility or switchgear applications. Whether it's an utility company supporting electric grid requirements or an ...
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EverExceed Corporation
EverExceed Corporation was established in 1985 at the dawn of rapid development of global industrial power products. EverExceed inherited the British technology since 20th century with the revolution and development of energy and power products.As the national high tech enterprise, EverExceed is always specializing engaged in R & D, production, sales of renewable energy solution, data center solution as well as security surveillance solution.

R&D Centers: Manchester UK / Shenzhen China

Manufacturing Facilities: Shenzhen / Shaoguan/ Henan CHINA
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    30+ years manufacturing experience with three manufacturing factories and products can be shipped to purchasers directly.
    Our products pass through stringent quality control system to exceed in performance and reliability
    Our research & development center in UK ensures exquisite and advanced design using latest technology.
    Our experienced engineers & professional sales team specify pre & after sales service and delivery on time to our global customers.
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EverExceed shares latest trend & technology to grow together with global customers.
EverExceed successfully completed Industrial battery charger production

EverExceed successfully completed Industrial battery charger production

Mar 31, 2021
Recently EverExceed successfully completed the production of 119units customized Industrial battery charger for the Government project of Utility power in Middle East Asia. After the production, the products have been passed through strict quality assurance process by our experienced engineers and t...
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