EverExceed "Home Green Power" won the "Product Innovation and Intelligence" award at the 2023 South China (Haikou) prefabricated building and Green Pan Home Expo.
Oct 28, 2023
On October 20, a three-day "2023 South China (Haikou) prefabricated building and Green Pan Home Expo China to promote construction industry modernization technology exchange conference was held in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

With the theme of "New Era, New Construction, New Business Opportunities", highlights the scientific and technological, humanistic and forward-looking, The Expo focusing on the introduction of domestic and foreign housing and urban-rural construction in the field of the latest technology and products, focusing on displaying the latest construction results, and promoting the concept of low-carbon green ecological civilization. Thailand, Malaysia and other ASEAN five government officials and counterparts entrepreneurs, the relevant cities and counties in Hainan Province, more than 10 provinces and cities across the country housing construction departments, business associations, and "green building" industry enterprises more than 1,000 people attended the event.

At this Expo, EverExceed invited Jason Zon, an internationally renowned five-star hotel designer, as the brand spokesperson to debut the new EverGEN Solar residential energy storage system. With excellent product quality and innovative design concepts, EverGEN Solar residential energy storage system was awarded the "Product Innovation and Intelligence Award".

Jason Zon is the founder of MG INTL. DESIGN CONSULTANT (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. And has worked for world-renowned hotel design companies and real estate development companies, and participated in the design and construction of many international five-star hotels and national projects. With Jason Zon’s  participation, EverExceed is committed to scientific and technological innovation to create ultra-cost-effective home green power(EverGEN Solar residential energy storage system)which from from product development, production to sales, Adhering to the design concept of "safer, smarter and simpler" green home appliances, Adhering to the "safer, smarter and simpler" home green power design concept, EverGEN Solar residential energy storage system allows users to feel the new fashion of green electricity, enjoy the good quality of life, and escort the safety of user assets.

EverExceed is a global leading provider of energy storage system with 20+ years battery manufacturing experience; EverGEN Solar series residential energy storage system is a complete solar energy storage system that integrated with solar hybrid inverter, Long life LiFePO4 battery, monitoring module and power distribution. It aims to provide smart and convenient all -in -one residential energy storage solutions.

Adopt high quality A+ LiFePO4 batteries, built-in high-efficiency MPPT charging control and five-fold protection for hybrid inverters, With authoritative certificates such as ISO09001, ISO14001, IEC62619, CE, RoHS, etc., so we provide safer energy storage system.
With smarter design, bundled with smart APP, mobile phones and computers can be monitored remotely. And build-in 540W monocrystalline silicon high-efficiency module with 21.46% ultra-high efficiency.
Plug and play, integrated design requires requires no additional labour for assembly, and the product has a 10-year warranty. Simpler that enjoy life as you wish.

As an innovative national high-tech enterprise and specialized small and medium-sized enterprises , EverExceed engaged in the research, development, production and sales of industrial storage batteries, new energy storage systems, industrial power supplies, and data centre micro-modules. With advanced technology and professional solutions, EverExceed provides integrated residential, commercial and industrial energy storage systems, integrated power energy solutions and data centre solutions for the global digital, information-based, low-carbon and intelligent development. It is one of the world's leading companies in renewable energy, data centre, communication industry, commercial and industrial energy equipment and solutions.

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