Internationally Renowned Hotel Designer Jason Zon Became EverExceed Ambassador Strong  Alliance| Enpower the New Fashion of Green Home Power
Oct 28, 2023
Recently, EverExceed officially announced that internationally renowned hotel designer Jason Zon has become the global ambassador of EverExceed EverGen Solar residential energy storage system.

Jason zon is an internationally renowned hotel design master, involved in a number of international five-star hotels and national project design and construction, with more than 25 years of hotel involved in a number of international five-star hotels and national project design and construction. Jason zon created a rigorous and scientific "Overall planning, refine design + implement control" full-process service system. He and his team's design philosophy is "good design = good return on investment". From project planning, creative design to implementation, the whole process to ensure that the hotel becomes a boutique and realize the cost-effective investment in decoration, for the efficient construction of the hotel project escort.

EverExceed is a national high-tech enterprise and sophisticated SMEs specializing in research and development, production and service of new energy products and solutions, EverExceed also is a global leading provider of energy storage system with 20+ years battery manufacturing Experience. With superior quality control capability and system integration technology EverExceed can offer much "safer, smarter and Simpler" residential energy storage systems. EverExceed is committed to scientific and technological innovation to the cost-effective boutique home green power(EverGEN Solar residential energy storage system). EverGEN Solar residential energy storage system allows users to feel the new fashion of green home power, enjoy the good quality of life, and escort the safety of user assets. Because of the similar design concept, EverExceed and Jason Zon was able to reach an agreed sense of cooperation.

With the rapid development of the new energy industry and the encouragement and support of national policies, as well as the accelerated development of international luxury hotels, the expansion of the "hotel + photovoltaic + energy storage" field is a strategic choice in line with the trend of the times and market demand. The cooperation between Jason Zon and EverExceed is a strong alliance that empowers each other. We believe that in the near future, the EverExceed Solar residential energy storage system will become the new fashion of green home power, and escort people's happy life.
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