• What is Integrated solar monitoring system?

    What is Integrated solar monitoring system?

    Mar , 05 2020
    EverExceed Integrated solar monitoring system, all in one design, using 4G to transfer monitoring data and solar to power, which is easy/quick to install and can save wiring to the greatest extent, includes three parts: 4G network camera, integrated solar power system and camera's mounting bracket, which is more convenient for observation and monitoring of your off-grid solar system. The integrate...
  • Basic requirements of Indoor camera

    Basic requirements of Indoor camera

    Feb , 21 2020
    In this modern age, with increase in the number of crimes and anti-social activities, one's security is of utmost importance and can't be negotiated at any cost. Security cameras can come to our rescue and make us feel much better knowing that we are monitored and even if anything were to go wrong, we would have hard evidence to back us up. According to the modern technology, the indoor cameras ca...
  • What is Smart PDU?

    What is Smart PDU?

    Jan , 14 2020
    A power distribution unit (PDU) is a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within a data center. There are mainly two types of PDU-Basic type and smart type. Though both can provide reliable power distribution to critical equipment, Smart PDU offers several intelligent features to help data cente...
  • Integrated Solar Street light system with CCTV camera

    Integrated Solar Street light system with CCTV camera

    Jan , 07 2020
    Solar street lights with CCTV camera are one of the revolutionary innovations in solar technology. EverExceed offers Integrated Solar Street Light Surveillance system which is featured with 4G solar security camera integrated in a solar street light to ensure safe walking or movement on the roads/ highway or public areas. The system is powered by electricity produced by the solar panel. With the d...
  • What is

    What is "Smart IT Cabin Solution"?

    Jan , 02 2020
    EverExceed Smart IT Cabin Solution is an intelligent and all-in-one integrated solution incorporated with UPS, PDU, Air Conditioner and monitoring unit based on the concept "The cabinet is the data center" which successfully replace the traditional datacenter where operation and maintenance process are difficult. It offers your data center ease of use, flexibility and optimal application of your l...
  • The advantages of using Lithium battery for Solar Street Light

    The advantages of using Lithium battery for Solar Street Light

    Dec , 25 2019
    Solar Street Lights definitely became more affordable solutions to light up streets and public spaces with efficient LED lights. The main reason that drive this trend is increased demand for various solar systems that directly affected prices of main components such as solar panels, batteries, controllers and LED lights. In this article we will focus the Lithium batteries that work better for sola...
  • The advantages of Lithium battery for cleaning machine

    The advantages of Lithium battery for cleaning machine

    Dec , 17 2019
    A reliable source of power is extremely important in an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly. Maintenance crews are often on a strict schedule, so it’s vital that battery powered floor cleaning machines perform reliably and maintain full power throughout your cleaning schedule. This is one of the reasons why selecting the correct batteries for floor cleaning machines is important. All ...
  • The advantages of Lithium battery for golf trolley

    The advantages of Lithium battery for golf trolley

    Dec , 10 2019
    Golf trolleys have gone from being a niche product used by senior players to common place among golfers of all ages across the world. This is because the benefits of using a modern golf trolley are plentiful. In golf trolley, Lead acid batteries are chosen because of its lower cost. Lithium batteries are far more reliable and can last up to five times longer. Lithium also charges substantially qui...
  • 7 key points to consider when choosing a Data Center Solution

    7 key points to consider when choosing a Data Center Solution

    Dec , 04 2019
    Data center solutions refer to the products and services needed to create and maintain a data center. With the expansion of business in modern world, the need of a more reliable data center solution is also increasing. Basically, the importance of having a modern data center solution for a business is to manage different types of risks, provide insight information about a business, and help making...
  • What type of PDU is right for your data center?

    What type of PDU is right for your data center?

    Nov , 27 2019
    A data center PDU is a power distribution unit designed for the data center market. The specification of your PDUs will have a direct influence on reliability, flexibility and scalability of your data center. And there are different types of data center PDUs, depending on the features and benefits that they bring.   It could be a Basic unit with no network connectivity, a Metered PDU wit...
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