• How to Understand UPS

    How to Understand UPS

    Aug , 26 2021
    UPS, namely, uninterrupted power supply  is a type of uninterruptible power supply with energy storage device, inverter as main component, and constant voltage and constant frequency. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply for single computer, computer network system or other electrical and electronic equipments. When the electric supply input is normal, UPS will stabilize th...
  • What is Modular UPS?

    What is Modular UPS?

    Aug , 26 2021
    The modular UPS can be its own self-contained system. It is essentially a combination of battery and power modules that are within the same cabinet or chassis. These modules are building blocks that typically share a common frame, buss, and communicate either through either a main logic controller or, in some units, by the logic built into each module. Why to choose modular UPS? There ca...
  • Get to know about

    Get to know about

    Aug , 26 2021
    What is tower UPS? The Uninterruptible power supply system in tower design that features a quick-access front panel that makes replacing batteries easy is known as Tower UPS. It should be the most well-understood type of server structure, because its shape and structure are similar to those of vertical PCs. Of course, due to the server's motherboard scalability and the number of slots. Therefore, ...
  • Lets know about

    Lets know about "Rack UPS"

    Aug , 26 2021
    Rack UPS: Rack UPS is a power supply equipment mainly used for centralized power supply in security system integration, which is installed on a standard rack and is structured like a server. It is an inevitable product for standardized management and centralized management of security systems. Diagram of Rack UPS: Installation method: The rack UPS can be fixed in a standard network cabinet th...
  • Low voltage UPS in today's World

    Low voltage UPS in today's World

    Aug , 26 2021
    Low voltage: Voltage (V) is the measure of the potential difference between two points in an electrical field. Low enough voltage to be considered safe for indoor domestic use and typically 120 volts or less. Low voltage UPS: Uninterruptible power supplies having low voltage are called low voltage UPS. EverExcced offers high efficiency and high quality independent online low voltage UPS ...
  • Online High Frequency UPS and its advantages

    Online High Frequency UPS and its advantages

    Aug , 26 2021
    High frequency UPS: High frequency UPS is usually composed of IGBT high frequency rectifier, battery converter, inverter and bypass. The IGBT can control its opening and closing by adding control to the gate. The switching frequency of the IGBT rectifier is usually from thousands of Hz to tens of kHz (even up to a hundred kHz) relative to the 50Hz frequency that is far higher than the low frequenc...

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