Security Solution for Traffic
Mar 20, 2021
EverExceed’s surveillance systems are ideal for monitoring and managing roads and highways for wide range of applications. Our cameras can be deployed at traffic signals, placed alongside busy roads or at busy intersections. Both wired and wireless transmission technology can be integrated into EverExceed's security cameras allows users to view live and recorded video remotely at any time, from any device.
These surveillance cameras can record traffic patterns for data gathering purposes, provide worker safety and equipment security at highways construction projects, or assist with preventing and investigating traffic violations.

Key benefits of Traffic Surveillance Solution:

Prevent traffic violations ensure road safety
Facilitate faster investigations
Gather evidence on traffic patterns
Provide safety and security for highways construction team for busy intersections
Remote access to live and recorded footage any time via any device
Significant cost reduction on security guards.

What solutions can be used for traffic surveillance?

Video surveillance cameras

Smart light with cameras

License plate recognition camera

Surveillance cameras are one of the most unique and recognizable technologies used to watch us as we move about our daily lives. Networks of cameras are installed by government agencies and by local businesses normally.

Digitalization is changing the way people use and interact with lighting. We offer a seamless connected smart lighting systems solutions with surveillance camera for highway and roads.

LPR Cameras are used for improved evidence gathering and crime investigation in roads. These high-tech devices allow law enforcement agencies to compare plate numbers against those of stolen cars or cars driven by people suspected of being involved in criminal or terrorist activities.

Wi-Fi/4g wireless solar powered cameras

Vehicle security solution

Integrated solar surveillance solution

The solution is fully dependent on solar power for unlimited power source Lithium  (LiFePO4) battery for backup power. This is a revolutionary solution to ensure light surveillance for street safety.

Vehicle security cameras are important as they can be used to monitor both the inside and the outside of your vehicle. It inlcude car rear view camera, car recorder solution, vehicle / truck mounted camera with CVR and monitoring solution.

Solar Surveillance system is a perfect security surveillance systems to offer safe walking or movement on the roads/ highway or the remote areas. Live view and playback video footage via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Our products solutions:

Video Surveillance Cameras Smart Light with CCTV Cameras Vehicle Security Cameras Wireless Integrated Surveillance Solution

Traffic surveillance systems that incorporate intelligent video analytics and recognition now represent a brand new challenge for all server platforms on the market. We understand how important it is to partner with government officials and law enforcement to provide a safe traffic environment for urban people. Let’s work together to create a safer, secured environment at your country.

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