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    Healthcare facilities are just as prone to security issues as much as other organizations. Hospital security systems and healthcare facilities are not only responsible for safety of patients alone but many other aspects such as the expensive medical instruments and equipment used in such facilities ...
  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles

    Finding reliable batteries for electric vehicles are always challenging due to lack of deep discharge capability, frequent maintenance, low life cycle etc. EverExceed designs high reliability batteries specially for electric vehicles which ensure high performance including high energy efficiency, lo...
  • Marine


    As a boat owner, you need a marine battery that has robust starting power and can withstand deep and frequent discharges without significant power loss. EverExceed batteries are ideal for such applications which provides more operating or trolling time without having sudden failure. Product recommen...
  • Floor cleaning machine /Scrubbers / Sweepers

    Floor cleaning machine /Scrubbers / Sweepers

    Floor care and cleaning machines such as scrubbers and sweepers require reliable battery power to get the job done effectively. Cleaning professionals need reliable power that will perform consistently during the entire shift. EverExceed lead acid and lithium batteries are maintenance free with high...
  • Wheel chair

    Wheel chair

    Everexceed designed very suitable and reliable electric vehicle battery to provide unique performance and reduce maintenance cost. Our electric vehicle batteries adopt German technology to ensure long cycle life, lower discharge, high reliability, safety and environmental-friendly. Product recommend...
  • Golf car

    Golf car

    To assure your recreational activity smooth and pleasant we offer safe and reliable power solutions.  With an increased lifespan, EverExceed rechargeable lead acid and lithium batteries can save you much of frequent battery replacement cost with superior power, reliable performance and maintena...
  • Aerial lifts

    Aerial lifts

    Aerial lift systems are relatively easy to move and have been used to cross rivers and ravines. Everexceed produces AGM/GEL VRLA batteries, lithium batteries for this kind of application where needs high density power to ensure no sudden death or failure. Product recommended Lithium Iron Motive Batt...
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are widely used in large manufacturing industry to carry pallets and materials in production areas or warehouses and now also capable to reach in and load trucks. We have specially optimized battery and battery charger for this portable robot to support continuous ope...
  • Mining


    Mining industry requires high power density for heavy duty operation. We supply low maintenance sealed batteries and high performance battery charger for the persistent performance in extraction of valuable minerals or other geographical materials from the earth. Product recommended SEBL Sealed Low ...
  • Material handling equipment/ Forklift

    Material handling equipment/ Forklift

    We offer a reliable range of both AGM and Gel batteries specifically designed for the high power requirements of the most demanding UPS systems, from workstations to central data processing centers. Our modular UPS systems ensure stable power supplies to the most critical power equipment. Product re...

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