Security Solution for Forest
Mar 11, 2021

Installing and utilizing CCTV security cameras in forest surveillance are high in demand. EverExceed CCTV camera solutions enable your surveillance camera systems to reliably operate in forest applications. For forest applications an outdoor security CCTV camera is the most preferable one. Our commercial-grade CCTV security system will stay relevant for years of quality protection with non-stop surveillance.

A Forest Surveillance Solution includes-

Access Control

Thermal Imager

An access control system can control the access request in restricted forest area with auto unlock capabilities.

Thermal imager or camera can be used to monitor forest animals remotely via PC software.

Advanced Surveillance Solution

Solar Powered Surveillance Solution

Engineering IP camera solutions can be provided to obtain premium quality surveillance solution.

Highly professional wireless outdoor surveillance solution with premium quality solar panel, longer back lithium battery and A grade surveillance camera.

Products Solutions:

Access Control Device Thermal Imager CCTV Surveillance Products Solar Powered Security Camera

Remote Mobile Viewing
High Definition (HD) Video
Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity
Night Vision in Total Darkness
Wireless Fidelity (WiFi/4G)
Up to 128GB Video Storage
Weatherproof Casings
Access control with temperature detection

If you don't know how to choose the right product and solution , please feel free to discuss with us. Our technical and service team will assist you to fulfill your requirements.

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