Wireless CCTV Video Surveillance System
Jan 06, 2021

EverExceed wireless CCTV solution is for real time wireless video surveillance system. The wireless network video monitoring system transmits data between the network video server and the monitoring center through a wireless network bridge to realize the purpose of real-time remote image transmission and remote monitoring.

Wireless infrastructures for CCTV and Surveillance systems
Wireless CCTV connectivity for surveillance cameras, speed radars, etc.
Support video traffic management
Remote monitoring in motion

High capacity for multiple data stream transmission
Real time video traffic
Robustness and reliability
Flexible networking, good scalability
Global unified technical standard and communication protocol TCP/IP
The highest quality of transmission, availability of 99.999% across distances of up to 20-30 km

Key requirements for Wireless video surveillance solution

EverExceed offers the full wireless surveillance solution which can meet the key requirements




The video surveillance software is secured with full encryption and management frame protection to secure the data storage from any kind of manipulation.

The wireless CCTV cameras are easy to install with provided tools, kit, mounting bracket and POE functionality

The powerful hardware and activity prioritization into your wireless video surveillance infrastructure for extended capacity, minimized latency, seamless HD video, and more.

Central monitoring



Minimize downtime by optimizing how you maintain your wireless video surveillance network with software solutions for centralized management and troubleshooting.

Make use of specialized solutions for a variety of surveillance scenarios and without the headache of future-proofing the infrastructural plan.

Highly capable for extended coverage to be assured that your video surveillance infrastructure is used effectively and efficiently.

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