Wired CCTV Video Surveillance System
Jan 15, 2021

A wired home security camera system, also known as a DVR/XVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) security system, is a recording device combined with cameras. The number of cameras usually stars at 4 and can go up to 16. They record 24/7, can be connected to the internet to view remotely, and are hardwired to the internet and to power.

Types of Wired CCTV Video Surveillance System
There are two types of wired home security camera systems: traditional DVR systems that use a coaxial cable to power the cameras and record the footage, and newer NVR (networked video recorder) systems, which use ethernet cables to both power the cameras and record video. Both DVRs and NVRs can connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. NVRs are more advanced and capable of recording higher quality video than DVRs. NVRs also can incorporate some features that wireless cameras have, such as two-way talk and person detection.
The cameras that come with a wired home security system draw their power from the DVR or NVR and don’t need to be plugged into an outlet. Most wired systems have an app for viewing footage on your smartphone, but you can also connect a computer monitor to the recording device to view the recordings and real-time feeds.

Mass access, interconnection
Distributed deployment, open design
Big data architecture, linear and smooth expansion
Resource integration, deep application
Business integration, intelligent connection and sharing

Tend to be more reliable
Tend to be more secure
Have more consistent video quality
No monthly cloud storage fees

Key requirements for Wired video surveillance solution



Wide coverage

No monthly fee

The biggest advantage of a wired camera system is reliability. Unlike wireless cameras, it does not affect by network fluctuations.

Wired cameras can connect to the internet, and they can operate entirely locally makes it more secure. If privacy and the security of your network are big concerns, wired cameras are the right choice.

Wired cameras are highly reliable for long distance coverage. If there is wall, for wired cameras connection it is always consistent.

Wired cameras record continuously with no monthly fees or cloud storage subscriptions, and you can add more cameras to the system with less expense. Everything is recorded in the recording system.

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