Smart Surveillance Solution for School
Mar 09, 2021
Safe and secured educational environment should be necessarily established by the state and education departments of each country for the gradually expanding schools everywhere.
Campus violence, fire safety, traffic safety, theft of goods and other campus security incidents are also emerging. These conditions seriously affect the normal learning environment  of the school.
Surveillance system for schools should simplify video security management and provides a cost-effective scalable solution that helps to expand your security solution incrementally over time. We understand the unique challenges faced by schools, universities and specialized in providing security solutions  and therefore working continuously to secure the institutions.

Current drawbacks of this industry:

1) Lack of overall planning, resource integration difficulties.

2) Old facilities and different brands of products compatibility problems. Some systems run independently instead of collaborate, resulting in the waste of people, money, things.

3) Lack of pre-preparedness and emergency response mechanisms.

4) Lack of effective means of prevention and control.

5) Due to the complex environment of the campus, there is a lack of effective control over people, cars and objects.

6) Lack of a unified and intuitive application platform.

7) Lack of effective operations regulation.

8) The operation and maintenance of hidden dangers are difficult to check as well as the control and maintenance of equipment becomes harder.

What we can do for school’s security?




An electronic access control system allows you to control, record and audit all room access requests and also offers remote lockdown/unlock capabilities.

Classrooms or closed areas  have a higher chance of transmitting viral diseases. Thermal cameras is a powerful tool in school safety management to fight the spread of COVID-19 safely get students back into a physical learning space.

Digitalization is changing the way people use and interact with lighting. We offer a seamless connected smart lighting systems solutions with surveillance system.




School security cameras act as a deterrent for vandalism, theft and other unwanted behaviors. They also provide recorded video footage in the event of an incident.

Facial recognition cameras could be used to monitor student attendance and behavior as well as contact tracing.

Fire Life Safety systems can greatly reduce the harm of any emergency situation.Smoke detector, buzzer alarm are necessary to save life risks due to fire.

Our products for school surveillance:

Video Surveillance Temperature detection Face Recognition Access Control
Street Light with Camera

Partnering Together for Safer, Healthier Schools

We understand how important it is to partner with educators, government officials and law enforcement to provide a safe learning environment for our children. We also understand the security needs of schools like yours and have experience in developing and implementing solutions that are customized to meet your individual needs. Let’s work together to create a safer, healthier environment at your school.

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