EverExceed showcases comprehensive product upgrade at Smarter E Europe 2024
Jul 01, 2024

When the passion on the football field of the European Cup is overflowing, a much-anticipated new energy feast has been ignited. From June 19th to 21st, 2024, The Smarter E Europe (TSEE) was grandly held at the Munich International Exhibition Center. This event is one of the world's largest and most influential solar energy trade fairs, bringing together renowned enterprises from around the globe, showcasing critical products and themes within the energy industry.

As a globle leading provider of energy storage system with 20+ years battery manufacturing experience, Everexceed commmited to provided  much "Safer, Smarter, Simpler" product to our globle customer. At this prestigious event, EverExceed will exhibit a range of standout products covering energy storage product, and lithium battery, providing one-stop smart energy solutions with a customer-oriented and market-driven service philosophy.

EverGEN Pro Wall mounted energy storage system

This is a new self-developed product. The system uses EverFastTM fast charging technology to fully charge the battery in as little as three hours. The charging time is reduced by 70% compared to traditional IPS /UPS. Equipped with high-quality lithium iron phosphate cell, energy density increased by 40%, maximum life up to 10,000 times. The compact design significantly reduces transportation, construction and installation costs, saves up to 50% of the floor space, and provides users with safe, intelligent and convenient energy management solutions.

EverGEN Solar ESS energy storage system

Our new system adopts the all-in-one design concept, integrates the inverter and battery, has PV input, AC input (mains or diesel engine) and load interface, the product adopts the blind plug connection mode, realizes the rapid plug and remove, saves the installation time, reduces the field labor cost. Each machine supports up to eight modules with a maximum energy of 40.96kWh.

Additionally, EverExceed lithium battery solution is a highlight of the exhibition. EverExceed's battery products cover the full range of new energy applications in power and energy storage. Our lithium batteries, which meet customers' different capacity requirements, excel in safety, longevity, regional energy density, and carbon reduction.


The exhibition provided EverExceed with a key platform to connect with partners and customers, as well as a valuable opportunity to gain insight into the latest developments in the industry. In the future, EverExceed will continue to drive industrial innovation and technological innovation, focusing on providing global customers with top energy storage products and comprehensive solutions, actively promoting the transformation of the global energy structure and exploring a new era of zero carbon.


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