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Foreign trade salesman
1. Maintain some old customers assigned by the company, fulfill the goals set by the company, maintain stable orders, and promote in-depth cooperation with customers;
2. Can independently develop new customers and facilitate the completion of orders;
3. Make market analysis and customer analysis, develop foreign dealers and agents, and promote the company's brand and products;
4. Deal with customer complaints and feedbacks, actively help customers solve problems, and maintain good customer relations;
5. Responsible for order collection record, order tracking and other work;
1. College degree or above, majors are not limited, English, international trade, electrical and electronic majors are preferred;
2. English level 6 and above, excellent people in Spanish and French are also welcome;
3. Experience in battery, solar energy and UPS is preferred;
4. Love foreign trade work and devote myself to the career development of foreign trade;
5. Strong ability to work under pressure, good communication and coordination skills, perseverance and teamwork spirit.
1. Remuneration: basic salary + commission (quarterly settlement) + full attendance bonus + year-end bonus + equity distribution;
2. Purchase social security upon entry and purchase housing accumulation fund after becoming a regular employee;
3. Many opportunities to attend exhibitions abroad and visit customers;
4. Enjoy paid vacation and annual leave stipulated by the state;
5. Rich and colorful activities: group travel, dinner party, mountain climbing, badminton game, birthday party, etc.
We are a young and passionate sales team, humanized management, harmonious and friendly atmosphere, the company provides a good development platform, is willing to grow together with every colleague, as long as you are willing to challenge yourself, looking for long-term development of the company, join us!

Lithium battery product engineer

1. Mainly responsible for the preparation of lithium battery schemes and the testing of lithium battery products;
2. Product development, lithium battery PACK and outsourcing, battery cell and BMS supplier development.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrochemistry/electrical/electronics is preferred, cet-4;
2. Lithium battery technical support experience is preferred;
3. Have working experience in lithium ion battery pack and structure design, familiar with lithium ion battery industry standards and design specifications;Familiar with the related technical parameters of lithium iron phosphate and ternary ion cell;
4. Proficient in operating a 3D software, such as AUTOCAD, SolidWorks, PROE and other mechanical design, development, test and simulation software;
5. Understand the PACK production process of cylindrical cell (18650, 26650), square cell and soft-pack cell;Understand the working principle and protection mechanism of BMS, protection board;
6. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit and good communication and coordination skills.

Electrical process engineer

1. Responsible for electrical drawing design;
2. Responsible for electrical process, electrical wiring, wiring, safety and electromagnetic interference;
3. Selection of electrical system components;
4. Organized and prepared related documents of electrical system, etc.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, majored in electrical engineering and automation, cet-4;
2. More than 2 years practical working experience as an electrical engineer
3. Proficient in using engineering related design software;
4. Good teamwork spirit.

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