All-in-one Smart Commercial Energy Storage System

All-in-One Hybrid Inverter Energy Storage System For Home

EverGEN Hybrid series systems are designed to be stackable and expandable, allowing homeowners to quickly increase their energy storage capacity as their needs change over time. The EverGEN Hybrid series will explore the benefits of home energy storage systems with stackable and expandable designs and how they can help homeowners achieve greater energy independence and sustainability.

  • brand:

  • Model:

    EGH10K-10E/ EGH10K-15E / EGH10K-20E
  • Inverter Power:

  • Battery module capacity:

    200Ah /300Ah /400A
  • Application:

    Home, apartment or villa; Shops and groceries for small business;, Small office or enterprise; Bank, ATM or financial institute; Clinic, health care or medical centers;School or baby care center
  • Certificates:

    UN 38.3; IEC62133; RoHS; CE
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All-in-One  Hybrid Inverter Energy Storage System For Home

Why EverGEN Hybrid series system is much safer?

1) Fully utilize solar power supply, saving up to 100% of electricity bills; 2) High quality LiFePO4 batteries, 6000 cycle time at 80% DOD; 3) 24/7 uninterrupted power supply;

Why EverGEN Hybrid series system is much smarter?
1) Intelligent remote monitoring, checking system information through Mobile & PC;  2) Intelligent and visualized energy management;

Why EverGEN Hybrid series system is much simpler?

1) Modular and stackable design, easy to install, saving 50% of installation time; 2) Support expansion to 4 battery modules, up to 40.96kWh.

Model EGH10K-10E EGH10K-15E EGH10K-20E
System Specification
Rated AC Output Power 10000W
Energy Capacity Range 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh
Battery Type Lithium Ion Battery (LFP, Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology)
Max. AC Charging Current 120A
Max. PV Charging Current 200A
Max. Total Charging Current 200A
Operating Temperature -20 to 50 
Storage Temperature -30 to 70 
Remote Monitoring WiFi& APP
Relative Humidity 0~95%(No condensation)
Operating Altitude 2000m
Protection Degree IP21
System Dimension Width 600mm 600mm 600mm
Depth 260mm 260mm 260mm
Height 1310mm 1690mm 2070mm
Weight 90kg 140kg 190kg
Cooling Method Fans
PV String Input Specification
Max. PV Input Power 11000W
Max. PV Input Voltage 500VDC
Recommend PV Input Voltage 360VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 120 to 425VDC
Max. PV Charging Current 200A
Number of MPPT 2
Inverter Specification
Rated AC Output Power 10000W
AC Input Voltage 90VAC to 280VAC
AC Output Voltage 230VAC
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Max. AC Charging Current 120A
Power Factor 1.0
Norminal Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time 10ms
Output THDi <3%
Max. PV to Load Efficiency 99%
Max. Battery to Load Efficiency 92%
Battery Specification
Norminal Capacity 200Ah 300Ah 400Ah
Battery Voltage 51.2VDC
Battery Quantity 2 3 4
Energy Capacity 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh
Cycle Life 6000 Cycles @80% DOD
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Over Temperature Protection Yes
Battery Voltage High/Low Protection Yes
AC Input Voltage High/Low Protection Yes


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