10-1200kVA PowerChampion series Industrial UPS

PowerChampion Series Low Frequency Industrial UPS is a configurable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that offers true industrial modular architecture and maximized power performance. It combines conservative design (SCR) with battery management system and proven digital control to ensure the utmost reliability in any electrical and environmental conditions.

The system consists of rectifier/ charger, inverter, static bypass, maintenance bypass, rectifier isolation transformer, inverter isolation transformer, bypass line isolation transformer, automatic line stabilizer, DC distribution, AC distribution, controls and monitoring. The AC output of the inverter is connected to the critical load, the storage battery is connected between the inverter input and rectifier/ charger output through a battery isolation MCB. The normal AC input power is connected to the rectifier; the bypass circuit also takes power from the same power source to provide power for the critical load during bypass operation when the system is in maintenance mode.

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Adopting High-speed DSP Control

High Reliability

Advanced BMS

Adopting voltage and current stepping technology under CPU control, the rectifier of UPS has a soft start function. The input step is less than 15 seconds (adjustable), and the maximum impact current on the power grid does not exceed the rated current. 

Built-in input transformer, output transformer, and bypass transformer realize complete Galvanic isolation. Instead of discrete IGBT and SCR components, we uses Modular IGBT and SCR in Rectifier and Inverter, bringing in extremely high reliability.

Intelligent battery management, comprehensive charge and discharge management of batteries, including charging voltage and current limiting, discharge cut-off voltage, extending battery lifetime 30%-50%.

Flexible customization

Integrated design

Strong Impact Ability

Industrial UPS can be customized according to the customer's environment, including input and output voltage, phase, frequency, battery voltage, charging current  and IP level of the cabinet, etc.

The entire machine adopts a less fuse design, using circuit breakers, contactors, and electronic static switches. The circuit protection technology is advanced, greatly improving the reliability of the entire machine. 

Adopting pulse-by-pulse technology to ensure that the maximum short-circuit current does not exceed the allowable range of single pulse short time IGBT, a pulse-by-pulse current limiting scheme is adopted.

Suitable for harsh environments

Parallel operation

 High compatibility

It can be applied in harsh environmental conditions such as dust, pests, high-temperature conditions, and earthquake areas to protect your important production processes and systems. 

Advanced distributed active parallel technology can realize parallel operation of 6PCS UPS units without the need for centralized bypass cabinet.

Compatible with Lead Acid (vented/sealed), NiCd (vented/gas recombination) batteries and lithium batteries. 

Customized appearance design


EverExceed Industrial UPS Systems are widely used in different industries such as Power Generation, Power Distribution, Power Transmission, Manufacturing, Transportation, Mining, Refining, Petrochemical Plants, Oil & Gas, Hospitals, and Airports with different applications such as Gas Turbine Control, Switchgear tripping, Signalling, Alarms, Emergency Lighting, DCS (Distributed Control System), etc.


Power Champion Series 

Model  PW10一PW1200
Capacity 10kVA-1200kVA
Topology Double Conversion Online System with Output Isolation Transformer
Control Microprocessor Controlled System
Isolation Transformer (OPTIONAL) Galvanically Isolated
Nominal Input Voltage 110 VAC /208 VAC /  220 VAC / 230 VAC / 240 VAC / 380 VAC / 400 VAC / 415 VAC / 480 VAC ±15%(1 phase or 3 phase)
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ±5%
Input PF ≥ 0.8 Inductive (6 Pulse) ≥ 0.9Inductive (12 Pulse) ≥ 0.95 Inductive (12 Pulse with active harmonic elimination)
Total harmonic Distortion (THDi) ≤ 30% (6 Pulse), ≤ 10% (12 Pulse), ≤ 5% (12 Pulse with active harmonic elimination)
Nominal DC Voltage 110 VDC / 125 VDC / 220 VDC / 230 VDC / 240 VDC / 360 VDC / 384 VDC / 432 VDC / 480 VDC
Battery Charging Principle Constant Current / Constant Voltage
Boost Charge Voltage (V/Cell) 2.4 Lead Acid Battery 1.60 NiCd Battery (Based on battery brand and type)
Float Charge Voltage (V/Cell) 2.23 Lead Acid Battery 1.40 NiCd Battery Based (Based on battery brand and type)
Topology 3 Full Bridge 6 high Frequency IGBT Inverter Modules (3 Phase); 1 Full Bridge 2 high Frequency IGBT Inverter Modules (1 Phase)
Isolation Transformer Galvanically Isolated (standard)
Power Factor 0.8 / 0.9
Nominal Output Voltage 110 VAC /208 VAC /  220 VAC / 230 VAC / 240 VAC / 380 VAC / 400 VAC / 415 VAC / 480 VAC ±15%(1 phase or 3 phase)
Voltage Tolerance Static ± 1%
Dynamic with 100% load change ± 10% in 50 msec.
100%-110%, 5 hours
110%-125%, 10 min
125%-150%, 1 sec
Waveform Pure Sinusoidal
Total harmonic Distortion (THDv)
< 3%, at linear load
<7%, at non-linear load
Crest Factor 3 : 1 (1 second)
Nominal Output Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz ±0.1%
Switching Frequency 16 kHz/ 8kHz /4kHz(Different power, Different frequency)
Topology Uninterruptible static switch with back-feed protection
Bypass System No break semiconductor thyristor – thyristor
Isolation Transformer (OPTIONAL) Galvanically Isolated
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 2%
Inverter/Bypass transfer time
Inverter failure: Max. 5 msec.
Overload or manual transfer: 0 msec.
Bypass/Inverter transfer time: <4 msec.
Topology Make before break mechanical switch with locking system
AC Mode: 90%
Battery Mode: 92%
ECO Mode: 99%
MCCB and Fuse
Input MCCB, Output MCCB, Battery Fuse, Bypass MCCB, Maintenance bypass MCCB, Battery MCCB (Optional)
(Small capacity UPS using MCB)
Measurements LCD Display for Line Voltage / Frequency / Current ,Battery Voltage / Current, Battery SOC, Output Voltage / Frequency / Current
Input: Input High Voltage, Input Low Voltage, Input Frequency Failure,Phase Sequence Fault (3 Phase),Soft Start, Over Temperature Protection   
Battery:  L-C filters, charge current limited
Output: Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection    
LCD Alarm Disturbances on bypass line, By-pass manual, Maintenance bypass MCCB close, Cable defect in parallel, Bypass votlage failure, Bypass MCCB open, SCR fuse failure, Mains voltage failure, Input frequency error, Input MCCB open, Battery Low voltage, Battery discharge, Battery MCCB open, Output overload, Internal fault (Including auxiliary power supply, IGBT, SCR and other internal circuits)
Alarm contacts Low Battery, Mains Input Normal / Failure, Charger Failure, Overtemperature, Charger Overvoltage, Load MCB ON/ OFF, Battery MCB ON / OFF, Earth Fault(OPTIONAL);
Adjustable Parameters Battery number, Boost Charge Voltage, Float Charge Voltage, Battery Charge Current, Battery Ending Voltage, Password;
UPS Mode (UPS, ECO, Bypass Inhibit), DC Cut off, Low Battery Level, Output Voltage Adjustment, Auto Start ON/OFF, Date, Alarm Sound ON/OFF, Password
Communication RS 485 / RS 232(standard)/ (OPTIONAL) Ethernet Ports, Modbus, Profibus, SNMP, TCP/IP 
Paralleling (OPTIONAL) Parallel Redundancy 
Electrical Standards IEC 62040-3 (Performance), EN 50091-1 (Security) / EN 50091-2 (EMC)
Over Voltage Protection IEEE 587 4500 A, 110 Joules (standard) / 40kA Surge Arrestor (OPTIONAL)
Electrical Interference Reduction FCC Part 15 Class B
Protection Level / Color IP 20 / RAL 7035 (Standard), (Higher IP rating and different colors are available, please consult)
Enclosure Material Mild Steel, Cold rolled steel plate spray coating, galvanized sheet; 1.2 mm thickness
Cooling Forced Fan (Standard)
Cable Entry Bottom (Standard) / Top (OPTIONAL)
Heater & Lighting OPTIONAL
Distribution OPTIONAL
MTBF 200,000 hrs. (without battery group)
Operating Temperature -10 / +40 °C. (Higher operating temperatures are available, please consult)
Relative humidity 0 – 95 %(non-condensing)
Operating Altitude Max. 4000 Mt. (Higher altitudes requires de-rating, please consult )
Noise Level  Max. 60 db

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Functional operation Principle - Rectifier design-6 pulse SCR rectifier

Functional operation Principle - Rectifier design-12 pulse SCR rectifier

Functional operation Principle - Inverter design

Advantage - Pure sine wave output voltage

Advantage - High EMC Performance

DC mode discharge impact

100% no-linear load 

100% linear load

Current Crest Ratio:

Transfer time:

Battery mode to Grid mode: 0ms

    Grid mode to Battery mode: 0ms

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