NiCd Battery

Solar PV Ni-Fe Cell EVTN Series Alkaline Rechargeable Battery

Nowadays, more and more people have realized the importance of environment protection and are actively advocated  green energy. Because of its long service life, high reliability, lower cost, environmental friendliness and other characteristics, Nickel-Iron (Ni-Fe) batteries are gradually replacing the lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications, especially for solar PV and renewable energy power systems
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Technical Features:

• Long cycle life (maximum  service life can reach 30 years or more, if operated correctly) ;
• Environmental friendliness (no lead, cadmium, or acid. highly recyclable) ;
• High safety with little possibility of burning or thermal runaway ;
• Wide operating temperature range;
• Low maintenance;
• High resistance to mechanical and electrical abuse;
• Low transportation and installation cost;


• Commercial and Residential Buildings
• Railway and Light Trains 
• Navigation Aids
• Utilites
• Oil and Gas Fields
• Telecommunication Systems

Model Rated Voltage V Rated Capacity lt Ah Max. External Dimensions Max Weight kg Volume of Electrolyte L Terminal Thread Container Material
Length Width Height
TN10-S 1.2 10 38 84 138 0.8 0.2 M6 MBS or PP
TN20-S 1.2 20 32 113 220 1.3 0.3 M6 MBS or PP
TN30-S 1.2 30 68 134 245 3 0.8 M10 x 1 MBS or PP
TN40-S 1.2 40 68 134 245 3.1 0.8 M10 x 1 MBS or PP
TN50-S 1.2 50 68 134 245 3.2 0.7 M10 x 1 MBS or PP
TN60-S 1.2 60 70 134 285 4.2 0.9 M16 MBS or PP
TN70-S 1.2 70 80 141 365 5.6 1.8 M10 x 1 MBS or PP
TN80-S 1.2 80 80 141 365 5.8 1.7 M10 x 1 MBS or PP
TN100-S 1.2 100 80 141 365 6.2 1.6 M10 x 1 MBS or PP
TN120-S 1.2 120 80 141 365 6.4 1.4 M10 x 1 MBS or PP
TN150-S 1.2 150 106 164 345 10.4 2.5 M20 MBS or PP
TN200-S 1.2 200 106 164 345 10.5 1.8 M20 MBS or PP
TN250-S 1.2 250 138 276 425 20 5.5 2 x M16 PP
TN300-S 1.2 300 138 276 450 22.5 5.5 2 x M16 MBS or PP
TN350-S 1.2 350 138 276 450 22.8 4 2 x M16 MBS or PP
TN400-S 1.2 400 138 276 490 23 4.1 2 x M16 PP
TN500-S 1.2 500 138 276 490 26 4.9 2 x M16 PP
TN600-S 1.2 600 176 291 510 38 9.2 2 x M20 MBS
TN700-S 1.2 700 176 291 510 40 8.4 2 x M20 MBS
TN800-S 1.2 800 186 398 570 60 17.2 3 x M20 MBS
TN900-S 1.2 900 186 398 570 61 16 3 x M20 MBS
TN1000-S 1.2 1000 186 398 570 62 15 3 x M20 MBS

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