lndustrial Charger(DC UPS)

EGZDW Series Modular DC Charger

EGZDW microcomputer controlled DC panel apply substation for different voltage levels, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises,electrified railways and high-rise buildings in the field. It can be used as operating power high voltage switch, relay protection, automatic device and control power. The system used latest integrated design, configuration with the monitoring module, rectifier module, insulation monitoring module, battery inspection module, switch monitoring module buck module, etc. With advanced technology, reasonable configuration, monitoring and control of intelligent, it is easy to operate. It can Communicate with the host computer, and easily achieve remote control. It is ideal for unattended DC power supplies.
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Technical features

High reliability

Multi-stage protection

Wide range of voltage

Using high-frequency switching technology, modular design, N + 1 hot backup ensure high reliability.
Reliable and highly insulated protection measures to ensure that systems and personal safety.
Offers wide input voltage range from

90VAC~264VAC , which is suitable for different application scenarios.

Smart battery management

All-in-one solution

Friendly communication interfaces

Fully automatic battery management with "four remote"
functions meeting requirements of untended duty control.
Integrated design configured with different modules (monitoring, rectifier, battery inspection, switch & insulation monitoring & buck module etc.)

Provides RS232/RS485/Ethernet communication and MODBUS/IEC61850/DNP3.0/TCPIP communication protocol.

Smart remote monitoring

Advanced technology

Smart LCD display

Online detection of  battery voltage, temperature and internal resistance to eliminate  
potential safety problem. 
Charging module using the latest soft-switching
technology, high conversion effciency, low
electromagnetic interference.

Provides user-friendly large-screen graphic LCD display

 with touch screen which is easy to operate.

System application

Integrated DC and AC uninterruptible power supply system composed of key components


Items 220V Series 110V Series
Input mode
Single phase L/N/PE or 3phase 4wires
Input voltage 90~264Vac or 380Vac±15%
Frequency 50Hz + 10%
Power factor ≥0.9
Output DC distribution According to actual situation
Voltage range 198V~286Vdc 99~143Vdc
Voltage ripple
Voltage regulation accuracy
Current regulation accuracy ≤+0.5%
Charging modules output
Current imbalance parameters
Efficiency ≥0.93 (full load)
Insulating property
Output to ground
2kVacLeakage currents 30mA, 1 min, no electric arcing 
Input to ground
Input to output
Operation temperature
0°C- 40°C
Storage temperature -25°C- 70°C (without batteries)
Mechanical parameter Dimension (W*D*H)
Weight 180-250kg (depend on system confguration)

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