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Modular Max Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed Modular Max Range Valve Regulated Lead Acid (V.R.L.A.) batteries are designed for the long standby back-up power requirements of wireless / PCS telecommunications, MTSOs, central offices, utilities, switchgear and control applications. Our advanced AGM absorbed electrolyte technology coupled with thick positive plates and a welded / epoxy, dual post seal ensures reliable performance, safety, outstanding battery life and value.

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    MR-Max Series
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    Yes, customized
  • Certificates:

    UL1989; IEC61427;IEC60896; CE
  • Usage:

    Telecommunications ;Emergency Lighting ;Navigation Aids ;UPS system;Switchgear ;Communications;Grid scale energy storage
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Technical Features:

Superior cycle performance

Unique performance

VRLA recombinant technology
Thick plate design for extra long cycle life. Nano-carbon enhanced active material to maximize cycle performance and PSoC operation

Proprietary Fixed Orifice Plate Pasting technology applying active materials on both sides of the grid for consistent cell-to-cell performance, higher capacity and uniform grid protection.

High-Compression Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM) for greater than 99% recombination efficiency.

Wide operating temperature range

Ultra long backup time

Long service life
-40°C to +70°C 
Storage time from a fully charged condition: 12 months at 20°C ~25°C ; for each 9°C  rise, reduce the storage time by half.

Fully tank formed plates design which is perfectly suitable for long standby backup power requirements.

Thick positive plate design for maximum service float life- 20 years design life @ 20°C(68°F).

Assured quality

Maintenece free

Low self-discharge rate
These industry leading rechargeable batteries are approved with UL1989, CE, IEC60896, IEC61427

No maintenance required, never needs addition of water. 

Less than  3% per month


① Positive plate - Thick 0.245″(6.2mm) lead-calcium-tin grids minimize corrosion and prolong life.
② Negative plate - Balanced lead-calcium grids optimize recombination efficiency.
③ AGM separator - Mechanically strong, low electrical resistance, micro porous glass fibre which completely absorbs the electrolyte into its structure.
④ Container/Cover - Standard: Reinforced ABS (UL 94HB) container and cover.
    Optional: Flame-retardant reinforced ABS container and cover compliant with U.L.94 V-0 with an Oxygen limiting Index of greater than 28%.
⑤ Thermally welded case-to-cover bond to eliminate leakage.
⑥ Containers are single-piece construction.
⑦ Electrolyte - Diluted sulfuric acid.
⑧ Terminal post - Lead casting terminal. Threaded copper insert, with large surface area, to provide maximum conductivity.
⑨ Terminal seal - Ring burn with secondary epoxy resin seal is 100% water bath tested in the factory and proven in service.
⑩ Relief valve - Operates at 2-3 psi and is complete with integral flame arrestor.


• Telecommunications ; • Emergency Lighting ; • Navigation Aids ; • UPS system; • Switchgear ; • Communications ; • Grid scale energy storage ; 

• Cellular Radio; • Control Systems; • Standby Power Supply; • Photovoltaic / Solar; • Remote/Hybrid Sites; • Off-Grid/Renewable; • Other cycling applications


Model No. Nominal Voltage  (V) Nominal Ah Cap. @10hr to 1.80VPC Outline dimensions (mm/inch) Weight  Terminal Type No. of  Terminal Internal Resist mOhms Max. Charge Current  (A) Short Circuit Current (A)
Length Width Height Total Height
mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch kg lbs
MR 2-200 Max 2 200 90 3.54 181 7.13 346 13.6 365 14.4 12.5 27.5 F-M8 2 0.6 40 1620
MR 2-300 Max 2 300 124 4.88 181 7.13 346 13.6 365 14.4 17.5 38.5 F-M8 2 0.5 60 2410
MR 2-400 Max 2 400 158 6.22 181 7.13 346 13.6 365 14.4 23 50.6 F-M8 2 0.4 80 3220
MR 2-500 Max 2 500 191 7.52 181 7.13 346 13.6 365 14.4 28 61.6 F-M8 2 0.35 100 4100
MR 2-600 Max 2 600 225 8.86 181 7.13 346 13.6 365 14.4 33 72.6 F-M8 2 0.3 120 4860
MR 2-800 Max 2 800 303 11.9 181 7.13 346 13.6 365 14.4 45 99 F-M8 4 0.29 160 6400
MR 2-1000 Max 2 1000 370 14.6 181 7.13 346 13.6 365 14.4 55 121 F-M8 4 0.26 200 7900
MR 2-1500 Max 2 1500 551 21.7 181 7.13 369 14.5 388 15.3 85.5 188 F-M8 8 0.2 300 12500
MR 2-2000 Max 2 2000 385 15.2 363 14.3 369 14.5 388 15.3 114 250 F-M8 8 0.15 400 16200
MR 2-3000 Max 2 3000 568 22.4 363 14.3 369 14.5 388 15.3 172 378 F-M8 12 0.12 600 24200

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1. What’s An AGM Battery ?

A.The AGM battery uses fiberglass mats sandwiched between lead plates. It’s where the battery gets its name – Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM). The glass mat wicks the electrolyte solution, keeping it suspended in place, so it’s not free-flowing. Because the AGM is a sealed battery, there’s minimal to no off-gassing. Gases produced during the chemical reaction recombined with the electrolyte. And if there is excess gas (such as when the battery is overcharged), a vent releases it to maintain internal pressure.  


B. How AGM vs Lead Acid Batteries Work

The AGM battery and the standard lead acid battery are technically the same when it comes to their base chemistry. They both use lead plates and an electrolyte mix of sulfuric acid and water and have a chemical reaction that produces hydrogen and oxygen as a byproduct.


C. It’s used in all types of applications — from marine to off-grid power systems and in advanced vehicles with significant power demands.


2. Maintenance requirements ?

The sealed lead acid battery (SLA battery) is a subset of lead acid batteries. It’s also known as a Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery (VRLA battery).

AGM batteries are maintenance free and can be placed in more enclosed areas because there is no exhaust except for occasional exhaust. It is suitable for various application scenarios and places that are difficult to maintain.3. Durability, Vibration And Shock Resistance

The AGM battery tends to be built harder than the flooded lead acid battery, as it originally served military and aviation use.


3. Mounting Flexibility And Spillage ?

The glass mat technology in the AGM battery makes it spill-proof and position insensitive. You can mount it in many configurations (just don’t turn it upside down).


4. Internal Resistance and Power Output ?

The AGM battery’s internal resistance is among the lowest of the various lead acid batteries. While a new flooded lead acid battery can have an internal resistance of 10-15%, a new AGM battery can be as low as 2%.


5. Charging Time ?

Low internal resistance also grants the AGM battery faster charging times.


6. Drainage depth ?

AGM batteries have an 80% discharge depth (DoD) and can limit their discharge depth to 100% during backup use


7. Temperature Tolerance ?

The AGM battery generally performs better in all temperatures and tends towards good Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) ratings.

The electrolyte that’s held in the glass mat doesn’t expand like a liquid while frozen. This makes AGM batteries resistant to cold weather damage.


8. Lifespan And Self-Discharge ?

AGM batteries generally last longer than standard lead acid batteries. Because of their low self-discharge rate


9.Can I Use AGM Or Lead Acid Batteries As A Battery Bank?


Both the AGM lead acid deep cycle batteries can act as a battery bank and charge up with a solar panel.  

An AGM battery bank would be easier to configure because they can lie on their sides.

They’re also maintenance-free. 

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