EBH Pocket Plate Range NiCd Battery

EverExceed pocket type nickel cadmium battery has been supplied stable and reliable battery solution for many industrial power applications. Our block batteries function in a wide range of temperatures, resist electrical abuse, shock and vibrations and need only basic maintenance. This ensures a low total cost of ownership (TCO) over a life cycle that can last 20 years or more.
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Technical Features:

Excellent high rate discharge performance;

• Wide operating temperature range;

• Resistance to mechanical and electrical abuse;

• Low internal resistance;

• Absolute reliability;

• 20 years design life;

• With the low discharge rate at 3.5ItA~7ItA;

• The discharge time for less than 0.5 h;

• Designed for applications demanding :

- a relatively high current over short periods - usually less than 30 min duration

- applications can have frequent or infrequent discharges

Our advantages:

• ISO 9001:2015/ GB/T19001-2016  quality management system certificate;

• ISO 14001:2015/ GB/T24001:2016  environment management certificate;

• OHSAS 18001:2007/ GB/T28001:2011 , IDT occupational health and safety management system certificate; 

• TUV Rheinland IEC60623: 2001 product type approval certificate; 

• EverExceed battery is the qualified manufacturer approved by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.  


• UPS switch transition, railway emergency back-up and start-up power supply

Cell Type
(C5 Ah)
Dimensions (mm/inch)  Weight (kg/lb.) Terminal
Cell Case
Length Width Height Without Electrolyte With Electrolyte
EBH10 1.2 10 55 2.2 134 5.3 270 10.6 1.2 2.6 2.2 4.8 M10 PP
EBH20 1.2 20 55 2.2 134 5.3 270 10.6 1.7 3.7 2.6 5.7 M10 PP
EBH30 1.2 30 70 2.8 140 5.5 295 11.6 2.8 6.2 4.3 9.5 M16 PP
EBH40 1.2 40 80 3.1 140 5.5 365 14.4 4.2 9.3 6 13.2 M16 PP
EBH50 1.2 50 80 3.1 140 5.5 365 14.4 4.5 9.9 6.2 13.7 M16 PP
EBH60 1.2

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  • EverExceed NiCd Pocket Plate Range EBH 10-500Ah -V4.0.pdf
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