NCHF Series Battery Charger

EverExceed offers highly reliable and rugged High Frequency Battery Charger solutions for DC applications. NCHF Chargers are perfect chargers for any type of battery.
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Advanced Features:

Controlled Charging: 

Every NCHF Charger has a Microprocessor which accurately controls the charging in three steps.The charging process takes places in accordance with the IUoUo characteristic and charges more rapidly than other processes.

Increase battery Life:

Every NCHF Charger comes with a battery temperature sensor.When connected, charger voltage will automatically decrease with increasing battery temperature. This feature is especially recommended for sealed batteries which otherwise might be overcharged and dry out due to venting.

Battery voltage sense:

In order to compensate for voltage loss due to cable resistance, NCHF chargers are provided with a voltage sense facility so that the battery always receives the correct charge voltage.

Technical Features:

  • Perfect chargers for any type of battery
  • Quality without compromise
  • Universal 90-265V AC input voltage range and also suitable for DC supply (AC-DC and DC-DC operation)
  • Controlled charging
  • To increase battery life: temperature compensation
  • Battery voltage sense

Applications for DC Power Solution:

  • Lead acid battery
  • NiCd battery

Nominal voltage 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V 96V
Nominal current 10-30A 10-30A 10-30A 10-80A 10-60A 10-40A
Input voltage (VAC) 90-285
Input voltage (VDC) 90-400
nput frequency (Hz) 45-65
Power factor 1
Charge voltage‘absorption’ (VDC) 14.3 28.5 42.9 57.1 85.7 114.2
Charge voltage ‘float’ (VDC) 13.5 27 40.5 54 81 108
Total output ammeter Yes
Charge characteristic IUoU (Three stage charging)
Recommended battery capacity (AH)  0.1-0.2C10 for current (example: 100AH for 10A-20A)
Temperature sensor Internal, - 2mV / °C (- 1mV / °F) per cell 
Forced cooling Yes, temperature and current controlled fan
Protection Output short circuit, over temperature
Operating temp. range - 20 to 60°C   (0 - 140°F) 
Humidity (non condensing) max 95%
Safety EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29, UL 1236
Emission Immunity EN 55014-1, EN 61000-3-2
Automotive Directive EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-3
1)Standard setting. Optimum charge/float voltages for Flooded Lead-acid, Gel-Cell, AGM or Ni-Ca batteries se-lectable by dip switch.
2)Up to 40 °C (100 °F) ambient. Output will reduce to approximately 80 % of nominal at  50 °C (120 °F) and 60% of nominal at 60⁰C (140⁰F)

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