Jul 25, 2019

As a boat owner, you need a marine battery that has robust starting power and can withstand deep and frequent discharges without significant power loss. EverExceed batteries are ideal for such applications which provides more operating or trolling time without having sudden failure.

Product recommended

Lithium Battery Solution For Medium Motive Application

EverExceed LiFePO4  battery system ensure optimal performance of each vehicle's operation. These battery systems play vital role for even the most demanding applications, giving them greater energy density, lower weight and longer life capability.


LDP Series Lithium Iron Battery

EverExceed LDP Series Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LiFePO4 ) batteries are developed to deliver high efficiency energy output compared to equivalent lead acid batteries. They are able to accept continuous high rate charging amps which make the battery fully charged in short time and improve the load service efficiency significantly. The built-in advanced BMS ensures intelligent automatic protection against over voltage, over current, over discharge, over temperature.


Marine Gel Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed Gel Marine range VRLA batteries are an absolutely reliable energy source for durability in buoy lighting, safety lighting, ship battery and marine equipments applications. These batteries are perfectly suitable for use in variety of recreational applications to achieve high capacity high current capability during discharge, low gassing and good shock resistance etc.  


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