10-25kVA PowerChampion RM Series Rack Online UPS

10-25kVA PowerChampion RM Series Rack Online UPS

380/400/415VAC, 3:3

The PowerChampion RM Series Rack is double conversion online UPS with fully DSP controlled technology. With its flexible configuration of 3/3 and 3/1, compact design, it is the ideal choice for modern data center.

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Technical features:

Rack design: 
Rack design, compatible with 19" standard rack cabinet, convenient to be integrated with servers.

Friendly Interface:
5.5" touch color LCD with graphic display, more information displayed and easier for customer to operate.

Intelligent charging management:
The system intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging, effectively improving the life time of the battery.

Flexible configuration:
The system can be congured to 3/3 and 3/1


  • IDC (Internet data Center)
  • Network servers and workstations
  • Control system
  • Communication system
  • Office

System capacity 10kVA 15kVA 20kVA 25kVA
Input Dual input Standard
Phase 3 Phase+Neutral+Ground, 380V/400V/415V (line-line)
Input Voltage Range 304-478Vac (line-line), full load
228V-304V (line-line), load decreases linearly according to the min phase voltage
Rate frequency 50/60Hz
Input Frequency Range 40Hz~70Hz
Input PF >0.99
Input THDi <4% (100% Linear load) <3% (100% Linear load)
Bypass Rate voltage 380/400/415VAC (line-line)
Rate frequency 50/60Hz
Input Voltage Range Settable, -40%~+25%
Bypass Frequency Range Settable, ±1Hz, ±3Hz, ±5Hz
Bypass overload 125% long term operation; 130% for 10mins; 150% for 1min, 400% for 1s
Output Rate voltage 380/400/415VAC (line-line)
Voltage regulation 1% for balance load; 1.5% for unbalanced load
Rate frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency precision 0.10%
Output PF 1
Output THDu <1%, Linear load; <5.5%, Non-linear load <1.5%, Linear load; <6%, Non-linear load
Crest Factor 3:1
Inverter Overload 110% for 1 hour, 125% for 10mins,150% for 1min; 150% for 200mins
Battery Voltage   ±240VDC
Battery number 40 pcs
Voltage precision ±1%
Charge power up to 20% * Output active power
Battery cold start Standard
System Efficiency AC Mode 95% 95.50%
ECO Mode 98%
Battery mode 94.50% 95%
Display LCD+LED+Keyboard
IP Class IP 20
Interface RS232, RS485, Programmable Dry Contact
Option LBS for PWR20L and PWR25L, SNMP Card, Parallel kit, USB
Temperature Operation: 0~40°C Storage: -40~70°C 
Relative humidity 0~95% Non-condensing
Altitude <1000m. Within 1000m to 2000m, power derate 1% for every 100m rise
Noise (1 meter) 65dB @ 100% load, 62dB @45% load
Applicable Standards Safety: IEC/EN 62040-1-1 EMC: IEC/EN 62040-2 Performance: IEC/EN 62040-3
Physical Weight 25 30
Dimension W*D*H (mm) 485*750*130

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