1-5KVA PowerActive RM Series Line-Interactive UPS

1-5KVA PowerActive RM Series Line-Interactive UPS
220/230/240VAC ; 1:1

EverExceed PowerActive RM Series UPS can protect mission-critical equipments against damage, downtime and data loss due to blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise while supplying clean and reliable network grade power. This UPS system generates pure sine wave power for superior compatibility with active PFC power supplies and other sensitive equipment.

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Technical features:

Energy efficient:
Output Power factor: 0.7
Pure sine wave output
MCU dual core control

Advanced technology:

Gravity sensitive automatic rotation

LCD display


Expandable battery pack

Built in powerful charging function (can be set by yourself)


  • Instruments and apparatuses
  • Commercial POS machine
  • Office equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Compatible generator power supply
  • Household appliances
  • Automatic switching of power supply mode
  • Intelligent CPU control
  • Personal computer
  • Automatic charging

Capacity 1000VA 1500VA 2000VA 3000VA 5000VA
Power Rating 700W 1050W 1400W 2100W 3000W
Indicator LCD display/LED display (Optional)
AC Model
Input voltage 145-275VAC
Input frequency 48-54HZ(50HZ)
Output voltage 200-240VAC
Efficiency ≥96%(AC Mode)
Short Circuit Breaker
Inverter Mode
Output voltage 220VAC±5%
Input frequency 50/60±1%Hz
Output P.F ≥0.6
Output wave form Pure Sine Wave
Transfer time Typical 2-6ms,10ms max
Efficiency ≥80%(INV Mode)
Short Circuit ≥20ms System shut down automatically
Overload 110% Shut down within 60sec
120% Shut down within 5sec
Battery mode Sealed maintenance-free   Lead-acid  batteries
Configuration 12V/9AH×2 12V/9AH×2 12V/9AH×4 12V/9AH×4 External battery
External DC voltage 24VDC 24VDC 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC
Charging period 6-8hours recover to 90% capacity
Net weight(kg) 23.6/16.5 26.8/18.6 28.6/19.8 31.5/23.5 30.6
dimension(mm) 441*445*88 441*445*132
USB&RS232 Optional

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