Jul 24, 2019

It is essential to have backup power facilities in modern banking system. In bank or financial sectors everything is computerized and operations are running through data exchange or transmission. Therefore, we offer high reliability agm/gel lead acid batteries, lithium batteries, UPS system along with smart IT cabin solution or smart IT data array solution for exclusive power performance in banking system according to the demand of customers.

Product recommended

High Rate Range VRLA Battery

The extremely powerful, compact AGM batteries of EverExceed High Rate Range are an ideal power solution for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), emergency lighting, switchgear, telecom and other high rate emergency battery backup required applications.


Modular Max Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed Modular Max Range Valve Regulated Lead Acid (V.R.L.A.) batteries are designed for the long standby back-up power requirements of wireless / PCS telecommunications, MTSOs, central offices, utilities, switch gear and control applications. Our advanced AGM absorbed electrolyte technology coupled with thick positive plates and a welded / epoxy, dual post seal ensures reliable performance, safety, outstanding battery life and value. Battery has a design life of 20 years and complies with BS6290 Part 4, EUROBAT (IEC 896-2) standards and is a recognized component of UL1989 under the Standby battery Category.


Tubular OPzV Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with wealthy experience ensure it's tubular OPzV gelled batteries reliable performance, safety, outstanding battery life and value. Each cell is 100% factory tested. EverExceed tubular OPzV batteries can be used in float or deep cycle (1500 x 80%) service and have a design life of 20 years at 20°C. EverExceed tubular OPzV batteries can be stored up to 2 years at 20°C without fresh charging.


Unilyte Range VRLA Battery

EverExceed Unilyte Range VRLA batteries are one of the best Absorbed Electrolyte type batteries. The cells are designed so that a controlled amount of electrolyte is contained within an absorbent non-woven separator material that also separates the battery plates. This type of separator construction allows full wetting of the plates with the available electrolyte and also allows the free passage of the oxygen generated during charging. This construction is generally referred to as Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type.

UPS Lithium Iron Batteries

EverExceed UPS Lithium Battery is an ideal energy source for UPS system which is used in switching and transmission functions, emergency and security systems, industrial fire monitors and alarms, data centers, signaling systems etc. It offers a unique combination of float charging capability and high cycling performance to match with same life expectancy of the UPS system. This battery delivers energy and power density multiple times as compared to valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA).


PowerLead2 Series Online UPS

PowerLead2 series power supply adopts online double conversion design and digital control technology and it features high input and output power factor, self-adaptive output frequency according to input frequency,intelligent battery management and excellent network management.


PRM Plus Modular UPS

EverExceed PRM Plus Modular UPS is a hot-swappable, highly scalable, online dual-conversion UPS, making it ideal for modern data centers. The series adopts advanced IGBT three level conversion, dual DSP control technology, N+X parallel redundancy with high ease of use and reliability. Advanced technology for guaranteed best performance which is researched and developed in UK. When users want to add loads to the UPS, only adding required number of modules can be added for expansion that allows users to achieve dynamic growth with business development. It saves customer's costs for initial equipment purchasing and future expansion.

PowerLead2 RM Series Online UPS

PowerLead2 RM series is online double conversion UPS with full DSP control technology. With 19 inch standard rack design, self-adjusting output frequency, smart battery management system and network management, PL2 RM series is a perfect choice for computers, IT equipments and other sensitive devices.

25-600kVA PXM Plus Modular UPS

PXM Plus Modular UPS is a new generation uninterruptible power supply. It provides the most compact design of less than 2㎡ with maximum capacity of 900kVA. The parallel architecture adopts a highly intelligent modular design to achieve maximum power availability and redundancy. With advanced IDC power solutions and smart management technologies, It is specially designed to meet the protection demands of mission critical loads in data centers or other important equipments.
Smart IT Data Array Solution

The Smart IT Data Array solution is a new generation of IT equipment physical infrastructure that adapts to change the IT industry trends, design and production. The anti seismic solid cabinet conforms to UBC Seismic Zone 4 standard and suitable for installation in a variety of indoor environments providing high availability, high reliability and high adaptability to ensure IT equipment operation and can be customized as the future demand escalates.


Smart IT Cabin Solution

EverExceed Smart IT Cabin Solution is based on the concept of "The cabinet is the data center" which adopts the standard cabinet as the base unit. It integrates the server cabinet and accessory system, UPS power system, refrigeration system, room environment, safety monitoring system and other system into the cabinet platform to provide a complete IT room infrastructure needs to the small and medium-sized enterprises, micro enterprises, large enterprises, government offices other branches in finance, education energy industries.
Smart IT Cabin Solution provides you the efficiency, economy, reliability control to implement an infrastructure strategy that outperforms any you have ever seen. Intelligent, integrated infrastructure ready to house IT in a single rack.

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