Smart IT Data Array Solution Medium Intergrated Data Center Solution

The Smart IT Data Array solution is a new generation of IT equipment physical infrastructure that adapts to change the IT industry trends, design and production. The anti seismic solid cabinet conforms to UBC Seismic Zone 4 standard and suitable for installation in a variety of indoor environments providing high availability, high reliability and high adaptability to ensure IT equipment operation and can be customized as the future demand escalates. 


Capacity: 10~90KVA

Rack size: 52-356U

Maximum number of parallel: 10 cabinets

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Technical features:

Small & medium intelligent data center solution.
Precision air conditioning for Smart IT Data Array closed-space accurate temperature control, compared to ordinary computer room air conditioning for the entire room temperature control. Thus its energy consumption for temperature regulation is greatly reduced.
Smart IT Data Array is a highly integrated cabinet-type professional computer room.Its internal operating environment has reached the standard of a professional computer room. The requirement for the computer room environment is loose and only an ordinary office area can be put into use.
A standard dual cabinet can provide all the IT equipment with the required constant operating conditions. The system occupies less than 2 square meters ,compact & beautiful.

Built-in-fan, silent design, Smart IT Data Array can reduce IT equipment noise to 50dB, noise reduction up to 85%.
Smart IT Data Center can achieve 365 days 7*24 hours unattended, remote monitoring and intelligent human management, allowing your management personnel to sit back and relax, minimizing IT deployment and maintenance costs.
Smart IT Data Array is a highly integrated cabinet-type professional equipment room. After the equipment arrives in the site, users only need to accesss the mains power supply to start up and run without any engineering. It is the first choice for low investment and high return.
Smart IT Data Array can prevent the leakage of electromagnetic radiation to the maximum extent providing you with a green ,safe and healthy office environment.

Applications :

Smart IT Data array solution can be widely used in-

  • Financial industries
  • Education and hospitals
  • Government agencies
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Business outlets
  • Defense forces
  • Communication industry
  • Radio & television

General characteristics
Size (width × depth × height) mm Single cabinet 600×1200×2000
Maximum number of supported cabinets (width × depth × height) mm 10 sets of 6000×1200×2000
Cabinet load bearing 1600 kg
Available IT equipment space (1U=44.45mm) 52-356 U
Installable device depth (mm) 720
System footprint 2-10
Color Black RAL7021
System protection class IP50
Supply and distribution system
Power input Single or dual channel (optional)
Rack-mount modular UPS Single power module 10kVA, can support 6 power modules, up to 60kVA
Single power module 15kVA, can support 6 power modules, up to 90kVA
UPS configuration mode NN+12N
Maintenance bypass Standard
System voltage (Vac) 220/230/240V (single phase), 380/400/415V (three phase), single phase-three phase optional
System support frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz
System backup time 5 minutes to 8 hours of system full load backup time according to customers need
Battery layout Rack mounted or placed on a tray
Smart PDU The number of PDUs is configured according to the number of cabinets. The 24-bit socket is standard.
The system is equipped with lightning protection rating Class C lightning protection
Cooling System
Air conditioning capacity 3.5kW, 4.2kW, 8kW, 15kW, 30kW, configured according to the number of cabinets
Cooling method Air cooling
Air conditioner internal and external power supply mode Powered separately
Compressor type Frequency conversion
Fan type Intelligent speed control fan
Air supply method Horizontal air supply or front air supply
Surveillance system
Monitoring host Standard embedded monitoring software, integrated with the display, saving U-bit space
Alarm mode Local alarm, email alarm, SMS alarm, etc.
Display 10-inch LCD touch screen display
Monitoring method Local monitoring, remote monitoring (supporting PC and mobile APP)
Equipment management UPS, intelligent PDU, precision air conditioning management
Environmental quantity management Includes temperature and humidity, smoke, water immersion sensor, door switch status management
System support language Chinese and English and other optional languages
Closed area Fully enclosed

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