EverExceed successfully finished the second phase of factory inspection by TUV NORD
Sep 26, 2021

EverExceed has successfully completed the second phase of inspection and factory audit supervised by TUV NORD. The first consecutive phase has been carried out successfully several days ago by BV (Bureau Veritas). Both of these are world leading organization in testing, certification, inspection advisory services. This time it took 3days to finish all the supervision and now this batch of goods has been already successfully shipped to the customer's destination.

According to the customer's delivery requirements, the TUV factory inspectors carried out strict on-site supervision and inspection on the Nickel Cadmium battery characteristics, production cycle, manufacturing level and technical quality status of our company and checked whether the products continuously meet the requirements of customers and technical specifications for last three days. Everything went smoothly and qualified audit report has been obtained as well.

After the positive conclusion of these long-lasting tests, the qualified report has been issued by these third party authoritative inspection organizations . It further ensures the high quality and reliability of the batteries, which also make our partners and end customers more satisfied with our product and service.

By choosing the organizations like TÜV NORD BV, EverExceed is choosing a dedicated team of global experts committed to helping us to manage risks and access global markets through a comprehensive portfolio of power solutions. It also ensures our product quality and safety guarantee for further customer development in overseas market. The company will, as always, with excellent products, reasonable prices and perfect service cooperate with customers whole heartedly to achieve mutual win to create a more sustainable world.

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