CHF Series Battery Charger

EverExceed CHF Chargers series of industrial float chargers is designed to automatically control charging rates for a wide variety of battery types and simultaneously provide full rated output.

The industrial battery charger is constant voltage devices with automatic current limiting. Voltage regulation and current limiting are controlled by solid state integrated circuitry to assure maximum performance in minimum space.

The CHF stationery charger series is ideally suited to utility, communications and other charger applications.

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Technical Features:

  • Intelligent design and full automatic
  • Small size, less weight and low noise
  • Optimized circuit more reliable and long life
  • Saving 30% energy per charging
  • Up to 87% efficiency
  • Wide voltage and frequency range
  • Intelligent charge management
  • Short-circuit, reverse hook-up, over temperature protection
  • LED indication of charging status
  • Easy battery connection
  • Suitable for 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V battery

Charging curve:

Normal mode:

Constant voltage + Constant current + Pulse charging

Equalized mode: Constant voltage + Constant current +Pulse charging + Equalized charging in pulse

Applications for DC Power Solution:

  • Lead acid battery
  • Nickel Cadmium  (NiCd) Battery

Type Output Current Battery Voltage(VDC) Input Voltage(VAC) AC Frequency (Hz) Rating Power (VA) Battery Capacity (AH) Dimension (MM) Weight (Kg)
CHF-1205 5 12 120±20% or 220±25% 50/60 75 30-50 305*210*110 5
CHF-1210 10 150 60-100
CHF-1215 15 225 80-150
CHF-1220 20 300 110-200
CHF-1225 25 375 150-250
CHF-1230 30 450 180-300
CHF-1235 35 525 210-350
CHF-1240 40 600 240-400
CHF-2405 5 24 150 30-50
CHF-2410 10 300 60-100
CHF-2415 15 450 80-150
CHF-2420 20 600 110-200
CHF-2425 25 750 150-250
CHF-2430 30 900 180-300
CHF-3605 5 36 225 30-50
CHF-3610 10 450 60-100
CHF-3615 15 670 80-150
CHF-3620 20 900 110-200
CHF-3625 25 1120 150-250
CHF-3630 30 1350 180-300
CHF-4805 5 48 300 30-50
CHF-4810 10 600 60-100
CHF-4815 15 900 80-150
CHF-4820 20 1200 110-200
CHF-4825 25 1500 150-250
CHF-4830 30 1800 180-300
CHF-7205 5 72 450 30-50
CHF-7210 10 900 60-100
CHF-7215 15 1350 80-150
CHF-7220 20 1800 110-200
CHF-7225 25 2250 150-250
CHF-7230 30 2700 180-300

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