• Security Surveillance Solution for Hospital

    Security Surveillance Solution for Hospital

    Healthcare facilities are just as prone to security issues as much as other organizations. Hospital security systems and healthcare facilities are not only responsible for safety of patients alone but many other aspects such as the expensive medical instruments and equipment used in such facilities ...
  • Security Solution for Traffic

    Security Solution for Traffic

    EverExceed’s surveillance systems are ideal for monitoring and managing roads and highways for wide range of applications. Our cameras can be deployed at traffic signals, placed alongside busy roads or at busy intersections. Both wired and wireless transmission technology can be integrated into Ever...
  • Security Solution for Factory

    Security Solution for Factory

    Theft or Robbery of raw supplies such as timber, copper as well as precious metals in the factory or manufacturing area is at an all-time high. CCTV surveillance solution is very essential for preventing theft or robbery.  Not only raw materials but also numerous factories also depend on highly...
  • Security Solution for Forest

    Security Solution for Forest

    Installing and utilizing CCTV security cameras in forest surveillance are high in demand. EverExceed CCTV camera solutions enable your surveillance camera systems to reliably operate in forest applications. For forest applications an outdoor security CCTV camera is the most preferable one. Our comme...
  • Smart Surveillance Solution for School

    Smart Surveillance Solution for School

    Safe and secured educational environment should be necessarily established by the state and education departments of each country for the gradually expanding schools everywhere. Campus violence, fire safety, traffic safety, theft of goods and other campus security incidents are also emerging. These ...
  • Security Solution for public entertainment places

    Security Solution for public entertainment places

    CCTV Systems are the most common form of security in public places and used for general Surveillance over large open spaces. Examples of relevant public spaces include: • Public parks • Pedestrian zed streets in city centers • Outdoor public parking areas • Residential neighborhood streets • Public ...
  • Security Solution with Street Light

    Security Solution with Street Light

    Solar street light system is more economical and essential solution for street safety from dusk to dawn. Solar CCTV camera is the newest addition along with street light system to make the safety and security stronger in the street. So All in one solar street light surveillance system with inbuilt C...
  • Wired CCTV Video Surveillance System

    Wired CCTV Video Surveillance System

    A wired home security camera system, also known as a DVR/XVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) security system, is a recording device combined with cameras. The number of cameras usually stars at 4 and can go up to 16. They record 24/7, can be connected to the internet to view...
  • Wireless CCTV Video Surveillance System

    Wireless CCTV Video Surveillance System

    EverExceed wireless CCTV solution is for real time wireless video surveillance system. The wireless network video monitoring system transmits data between the network video server and the monitoring center through a wireless network bridge to realize the purpose of real-time remote image transmissio...
  • Electric Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles

    Finding reliable batteries for electric vehicles are always challenging due to lack of deep discharge capability, frequent maintenance, low life cycle etc. EverExceed designs high reliability batteries specially for electric vehicles which ensure high performance including high energy efficiency, lo...
  • Marine


    As a boat owner, you need a marine battery that has robust starting power and can withstand deep and frequent discharges without significant power loss. EverExceed batteries are ideal for such applications which provides more operating or trolling time without having sudden failure. Product recommen...
  • Floor cleaning machine /Scrubbers / Sweepers

    Floor cleaning machine /Scrubbers / Sweepers

    Floor care and cleaning machines such as scrubbers and sweepers require reliable battery power to get the job done effectively. Cleaning professionals need reliable power that will perform consistently during the entire shift. EverExceed lead acid and lithium batteries are maintenance free with high...
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