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IP55 Outdoor Air Conditioning Power Cabinet for Telecom

EverExceed brings you the new telecom outdoor air conditioned battery cabinet based on the specific demand of our partners.The Cooling cabinet adopt the high efficiency DC air-condition and fans that have low energy consumption and ultra high energy efficiency ratio, to keep the equipment working in a suitable temperature range to ensure the long working time and high reliability of equipment.

EverExceed FT Max Range High temperature battery can be chosen (optional) to increase the cooling temperature of the air conditioner up to 35°C, which can save more energy and effectively prolong the service life of the air conditioner.

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    Battery cabinet
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    Yes, customized
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    Outdoor Telecom BTS Station;Outdoor solar system;Energy storage system; UPS
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Outdoor Air Conditioning Battery Cabinet for Telecom

Technical features:

All-in-one system

High efficient

Flexibly customized
The system includes main equipment, temperature control equipment, power system & battery
Ultra high energy efficiency ratio more than 3.0

Cabinets can be easily configurable & beautifully designed in different colours according to customer needs.

Robust outdoor structure

Built-in air-conditioning system

Excellent thermal insulation ability
Double Galvanized sheet make sure having excellent anti-corrosion ability, ensure 10+years outdoor service life.

High quality DC air conditioning  system with low energy consumption and 10 years service life.

Cabinet use 20mm thick cotton insulation material, which make sure cabinet have excellent thermal insulation ability

Battery Advantages:

Long service life

Low self-discharge rate

Special terminal sealing design
12years design life at 20°C (68°F)  
Self discharge rate is <3% per month 

Advanced triple stage unique terminal sealing design to ensure leak free operation

Special front access design

Optional battery solution

Advanced lead high-tin & low-calcium alloy
Fully comply with telecom 19"/23" cabinet for space limitation

Gel, AGM and high temperature batteries are optional

It reduces grid corrosion and prolongs battery life


• Outdoor Telecom BTS Station;  • Outdoor solar system;  • Energy storage system;  • UPS


1/24. Protection class

IP 55, Thickening spray,Outdoor special powder spray,  thick high temperature resistant paint, corrosion  resistance (spray color optional)

3. Door open alarm

Door alarm dry node (optional) is effffective against vandalism and anti-theft

2. Top
Waterproof design

4. Maintenance light

Door light (optional) is convenient for maintenance

5. Card type waterproof strip
Outdoor professional, flflame retardant, anti-aging, corrosion resistance
6. Temperature and humidity
Temperature and humidity sensor modbus RTU protocol,standard RS485 communication interface

10. Thermal insulation cotton
20mm ultra-high thick PEF cotton insulation material
7. Fan

Fan opening temperature can be adjusted (optional): high effiffifficiency and energy saving, effffectively protect the service life of the battery

11. Hinge
Vandal-resistant (hidden) hinges

8. Smoke

Smoke alarm dry node (optional) smoke alarm - fifire alarm to prevent accidents

14/16. Battery guard
Protect the battery, shock resistance.
9. Open the door
Door opening with 120° locking system. Stainless steel fifixing: Anti-recoil cabinet door

15. Door/Top/Side

Welded annular stiffffener to enhance structural strength

12. Air conditioner
Rated cooling power: 300W-1500W Rated voltage: 220 / 110 / 48VAC, ultra-high energy efficiency ratio > 3.0 Turn on temperature adjustable with display (heatingfunction optional)

17. Flooding
The flflooding system (optional) sends an alarm
signal after water enters the cabinet
13. Anti-theft lock
Three-point locking stainless steel lock lever, ergonomic handle, excellent water resistance, external safety lock cylinder with dust cover and stainless steel stopper for additional redundant locks,

18. Bottom channel, with cover plate

The base has a closed design to prevent mice fromrunning into the cabinet

19. Ground bar
Safely ground the cabinet and avoid contacts

20. Output protection coil
Conventional output protection coil (Gland head, waterproof connector optional)
21. Output busbar
Add insulating cover for output busbar

22. Battery
Front terminal battery / Lithium battery / High temperature battery
23. DC circuit breaker
Confifigure circuit breakers based on the number of battery packs

25. Floor beam


27. Fire extinguisher
Aerosol fifire extinguisher (optional) has great fifire- extinguishing power. The combination of high-effiffifficiency gas-generating agent and fifire-extinguishing particle generator uses the heat, and power of the gas generated by the agent to decompose the fifire-extinguishing particle generator to release high-effiffifficiency fifire-extinguishing particles

26. laminate
With lamination, increase the battery force area


Cabinet Models:

Cabinet Model Inner size (mm) Outer size (mm)
width depth height width depth height
Single cabin EAC-01A 550 750 1300 600 800 + L (ac) 1480
EAC-01B 550 750 1470 600 800 + L (ac) 1650
EAC-02A 750 750 1650 800 800 + L (ac) 1830
EAC-02B 750 750 1820 800 800 + L (ac) 2000
EAC-03A 750 750 2000 800 800 + L (ac) 2180
Double cabin EAC-03B 1500 750 1300 1600 800 + L (ac) 1480
EAC-04A 1500 750 1650 1600 800 + L (ac) 1830
EAC-04B 1500 750 2000 1600 800 + L (ac) 2180
Triple cabin EAC-05A 2300 750 1650 2400 800 + L (ac) 1830
EAC-05B 2300 750 2000 2400 800 + L (ac) 2180

System Configuration:

Model Quantity Unit Specification
Battery cabinet 1 SET
Outside Dimension: customizable
Front door with mechanical lock; Thickened corrosion-resistant outdoor special baking paint process;
Outside sheet 1.5mm, internal sheet 1.2mm; 20m PEF cotton insulation material; Ingress protection:IP55;Air conditioning warehouse
customized IP65
Air conditioner 1 SET
Rated Cooling Power: 300W-1500W
Rated Voltage: 220VAC or 110VAC or 48VDC
Heater 1 SET (optional)
Distribution board 1 SET circuit breaker -copper bus-bar (optional)
Packing 1 SET Wood case
User manual 1 SET
Accessories 1 SET Installation  accessories
Door open alarm dry node 1 SET (optional)
Fire extinguisher 1 SET (optional)
Smoke alarm dry node 1 SET (optional)

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