DK Series Static Transfer Switch-Power distribution Unit

DK series static transfer switch cabinet, also known as ATS cabinet, is a universal dual power automatic switching device. This product can input 2 independent AC380V 500kW power supply branches at the same time, which are main power supply and backup power supply. When the main power supply loop stops, the backup power supply branch circuit is automatically turned on within 30s to supply power to the load. The product adopts safe circuit design, and the operation is simple and safe, ensuring the normal operation of important loads such as emergency lighting, security power supply, and firefighting equipments.

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Key features:

  • Adopts reliable mechanical interlocking and electrical interlocking technology.

  • Using zero-crossing technology, two power sources can be cut off at the same time in an emergency.

  • With obvious on-off position indication, padlock function, which enables isolation between power supply and load, ensures high reliability and long service life.

  • Electromechanical integrated designswitch conversion is accurate, flexible and reliable, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, no external interference, high degree of automation.

  • Short circuit, overload, overvoltage, under voltage and phase loss protection and intelligent alarm function.

  • The modern design ensures high reliability, full safety convenient operation and easy maintenance.

  • The structure is simple as well as beautiful . Suitable for easy installation, management and maintenance. The front door can be chosen as required such as steel door, glass door or mesh door.

  • Cables can be entered from the top or bottom of the power distribution cabinet. The front and back doors can be opened, and the front door can be operated.

  • Special intelligent digital instrument is optional which can monitor the electrical parameters of the main circuit and communicate with the background monitoring system through MODBUS communication protocol.

  • The system can be customized according to the actual needs of customers and thus providing a flexible, reliable, safe and efficient solution.

  • Cabinet dimension is 600 Wx 1100 D x 2000H mmor can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Server room,government office, financial intutions, enterprises, communication, educational institutions and other industries.

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