Lithium battery indoor cabinet

EverExceed can provide customers with lithium battery indoor cabinets, It is widely used in telecom, radio and television, monitoring stations, electricity, energy, transportation, security, power amplifier, projection, lighting control and other industries. It is composed of cabinets, internal sheet metal parts, lithium batteries and other accessories.The cabinet is anti-corrosion and relies on the cutting-edge EverExceed Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery for the streamlined energy storage. All the lithium batteries of Everexceed are produced by the same fully automation traction battery production line that's why it has the superiorities of high reliability, high life-cycle, and high-temperature performance, as well as being environmentally friendly.
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Technical Features:

• Exquisite design with precise craftsmanship;
• Supports 15KWH to 150KWH energy storage solutions;
• 19” telecom standard design;
• Removable side panels, easy to install and maintain;
• Adjustable feet and castors are available;
• Adjustable cable entry on the back of the cabinet with cable entrance
• Supplied as welded structure, also can be supplied as a flat packing requires;
• Various optional accessories for common using;
• Front and rear doors, Front door made of glass;
• The cabinet contains a bus bar and special screws;

Serial number Product code Cabinet model Width Depth Height 3U 4U 5U
1 C.LI.11.0001-01 EC-18U-600 600 600 1000 4 3 2
2 C.LI.11.0001-02 EC-22U-600 600 600 1200 5 4 3
3 C.LI.11.0001-03 EC-27U-600 600 600 1400 6 5 4
4 C.LI.11.0001-04 EC-32U-600 600 600 1600 8 5 5
5 C.LI.11.0001-05 EC-37U-600 600 600 1800 9 7 5
6 C.LI.11.0001-06 EC-42U-600 600 600 2000 10 8 6
7 C.LI.11.0001-11 EC-18U-1000 600 1000 1000 4 3 2
8 C.LI.11.0001-12 EC-22U-1000 600 1000 1200 5 4 3
9 C.LI.11.0001-13 EC-27U-1000 600 1000 1400 6 5 4
10 C.LI.11.0001-14 EC-32U-1000 600 1000 1600 8 5 5
11 C.LI.11.0001-15 EC-37U-1000 600 1000 1800 9 7 5
12 C.LI.11.0001-16 EC-42U-1000 600 1000 2000 10 8 6

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