Outdoor cabinet solution with air-condition

EverExceed can provide customers with lithium battery outdoor air conditioning cabinets, It is widely used in communications, radio and television, monitoring stations, electricity, energy, transportation, security, power amplifier, projection, lighting control and other industries. It is composed of external cabinets, internal sheet metal parts, industrial air conditioners, lithium batteries and other accessories. The cabinet has a constant temperature. And it is anti-theft, waterproof, dustproof, sun-proof and anti-corrosion, which can meet the harsh outdoor environment. The outdoor cabinet of this scheme does not contain power distribution unit and dynamic loop monitoring unit.

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    Battery cabinet
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    Yes, customized
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    Outdoor Telecom BTS Station;Outdoor solar system;Energy storage system; UPS
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Outdoor cabinet solution with air-condition

Technical features:

All-in-one system

High efficient

Flexibly customized
The system includes main equipment, temperature control equipment, power system & battery
Ultra high energy efficiency ratio more than 3.0

Cabinets can be easily configurable & beautifully designed in different colours according to customer needs.

Robust outdoor structure

Built-in air-conditioning system

Excellent thermal insulation ability
Double Galvanized sheet make sure having excellent anti-corrosion ability, ensure 10+years outdoor service life.

High quality DC air conditioning  system with low energy consumption and 10 years service life.

Cabinet use 20mm thick cotton insulation material, which make sure cabinet have excellent thermal insulation ability


• Outdoor Telecom BTS Station;  • Outdoor solar system;  • Energy storage system;  • UPS


Cabinet model:

Cabinet Model Inner size (mm) Outer size (mm) Maximum number of batteries
width depth height width depth height 3U 4U 5U
Single cabin EAC-01A 550 750 1300 600 800 1480 6 5 4
EAC-01B 550 750 1470 600 800 1650 7 6 5
EAC-02A 750 750 1650 800 800 1830 8 7 5
EAC-02B 750 750 1820 800 800 2000 9 7 6
EAC-03A 750 750 2000 800 800 2180 10 8 7
Double cabin EAC-03B 1500 750 1300 1600 800 1480 12 10 8
EAC-04A 1500 750 1650 1600 800 1830 16 12 10
EAC-04B 1500 750 2000 1600 800 2180 22 16 14
Triple cabin EAC-05A 2300 750 1650 2400 800 1830 24 18 14
EAC-05B 2300 750 2000 2400 800 2180 32 24 20

Air conditioner model:

Whole machine model Unit AC0500 AC0600 AC1000 AC2000 DC300 DC500 DC600 DC1000
Working temperature °C -40 ~+55
Rated input voltage 220VAC~50Hz DC48V
Cooling capacity (L35/L35) W 500 600 1000 2000 315 500 600 1000
Rated input power (L35/L35) W 220 260 320 850 105 150 180 280
Rated current A 1 1.2 1.5 3.9 2.2 3.34 3.85 6.9
Dimensions (length * width * depth) mm 550*320*170 750*450*200 386*221*136 550*319*175 797*385*165
Refrigeration opening value seing range °C 20-40 (factory default 35)
Total Weight Kg 19 21 25 34 8.5 20 22 27
Installation method Door installation micro-embedded
Maximum sound pressure level noise (1m away from the air conditioner, 1m high) dB 60 61 62 65 60 62 63 65
Waterproof and dustproof grade IP55
Refrigerants R134a

Case 1: Outdoor air conditioning cabinet 1800x800x800mm, door mounted 1500W air conditioner

Case 2: Outdoor air conditioning cabinet 1400x750x750mm, door mounted 1500W air conditioner

Case 3: Outdoor constant temperature cabinet 1250x650x650mm front and rear door opening 600W industrial air conditioner

Case 4: 2100x1800x900mm communication base station double-cabin cabinet with two 1500W air conditioner installed on the door

Case 5: Outdoor double-cabin cabinet outer size 1300x1200x850mm side mounted 1500W cabinet air conditioner

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