TVR Series Three Phase Low Power Industrial AVR

TVR series three-phase high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer, a new generation of intelligent regulated power supply, the input phase system is three-phase four-wire system, the output voltage is 220Vac phase voltage and the line voltage is 380Vac. Within the rated capacity range, it can be used at the same time for electrical equipment with a single-phase 220Vac or three- phase 380Vac power supply, and is equipped with delay, over voltage, under voltage, and over current protection functions.
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Technical features:

High reliability

High stability
High safety
Wide input voltage range, compatble with different utilities;
Stable performance to  protect precise and critical equipments;

Prevent  the risks of power-related accidents during overloadsand short circuits;

Flexible customization
Alarm system 
Friendly color LCD display
Flexible selection of manual and automatic bypass; customized service is also available;

Fault warning display and alarm; 

Outpout voltage and stabilizing accuracy can be adjusted;

Product Details:

Comprehensive Protection:


CNC imported equipment, laser machine, STM placement machine, medical equipment, communication equipment, etc.

Input Phase Three phase
Voltage Phase voltage 176V-256V,Line voltage304V-456V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Output Voltage accuracy Phase voltage220V±2%,Line voltage380V±2%
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Protection Low Volt. 318V±7V
Over Volt. 426V±7V
Protective function
With overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit,
 phase sequence protection and other functions;
Efficiency AC-AC >90%
Noise Noise Level ≤50dB
Environmental Temperature -5℃~45℃ Degree
Humidity 15% to 90%
Parameter Information Load work 80% continuous load
Protection degree   standard IP21(outdoor Customizable IP rating)
Type of cooling  Fan cooling
Total harmonic
No additional waveform distortion
Insulation class Class B
Insulation withstand voltage 2500VAC/min(No breakdown)
Altitude  <1500M
Output type Unified output adjustment, output adjustment for each phase
When the power fails and then resumes, it will automatically start, no need to manually
Responds Time to
voltage variation
The response time is 10 ms, and the adjustment speed is 15V/s
Random accessories: 1 voltage stabilizer main board, 1 voltage stabilizer display screen,
 2 cooling fans, 2 intermediate relays, 1 power supply transformer,
No severe vibration or turbulence; no gas, vapor, chemically deposited dust, dirt and other explosive
 and corrosive media that seriously affect the insulation of the voltage stabilizer;
Packaging Shipping Wt.(KG) 90KG 102KG 113KG 130KG 155KG 160KG
Dimensions (D*W*H mm) 580*320*530mm 580*320*530mm 680*360*580mm 680*360*580mm 640*400*880mm 640*400*880mm

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