ESB Series Telecom Solar Power System

Reliable on-site power sources are necessary for the continuous operation of telecommunication systems. Cellular towers and repeaters require constant power to ensure network stability, and maintaining and refueling a generator is expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming. So, the ESB series solar power telecom base station can provide a stable -48VDC power supply to the site, avoiding power outages and maintenance.
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● Reliable, resulting in improved uptime and lower maintenance costs;
● Enhanced support with a dedicated team of experts to assist;


● Increased intelligence with 24x7 remote and on-site monitoring, providing real-time visibility and immediate detection of anomalies;

● Smart lithium, lead-acid and lithium batteries can be used together in power systems, reducing CAPEX;

Simple design, factory pre-installed to minimize installation costs and time;
Minimize expensive energy consumption;
● Module design, minimize initial investment, and flexible expansion;

Product MPPT Module
Model ECM48-50V1
Nominal Battery Voltage 48VDC
Battery Type Lithium, Sealed Lead Acid AGM or GEL
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 120~340VDC
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 450VDC
Max. PV Array Power 3000W
Max. Input Current 17A
Rated Output Current 55A
Peak Output Current 62.5A
Output Voltage 54.5VDC
Adiustable Range of Output Voltage 42~58VDC
Max Number of Parallel Units 31pcs
Efficiency 96%
Product Rectifier
Model ERC48-50V1
Nominal Battery Voltage 48VDC
Output Voltage 53.5VDC
Output Voltage Adjustable Range 42~58VDC
AC Input Voltage 85~300VAC
Rated AC Input Voltage 230VAC
Frequency Range 45Hz-66Hz
Maximum AC Input Current 18A
Rated Power 3000W
Efficiency 96%@230Vac Peak Efficiency
Power Factor 0.99@220Vac/50%~100% Load
Maximum Input Inrush Current 30A
Maxnumber of Parallel Units 31pcs
Humidity 0~100%RH(No Condensation)
Operating Temperature -20~+55
Storage Temperature -40~+75
Altitude 0~3000m
Dimensions 600*600*1200mm(1800mm or 2000mm)
The Outdoor Cabinet Can Be Customized.

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