UPS lithium battery

LiFePO4 512V300Ah Lithium Ion Battery Module for UPS

EverExceed high voltage LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery is a new environment-friendly backup power module specially designed for UPS power systems. With an advanced life span, extra compact size, very lightweight, and strong environmental working conditions, besides indoor, it is also the ideal solution for the outdoor harsh environment found in the field, where the UPS are installed and used.

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  • Certificates:

    UN 38.3; CE
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    Yes, customized service available
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    UPS, Energy storage system, Emergency lighting, Medical equipment
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LiFePO4 512V300Ah Lithium Ion Battery Module for UPS

Key Features:

Superior Life cycle Increased flexibility Wide operating temp range 
3000+ lifecycles, 3-5 times more than the traditional Lead-acid battery Modular design enables deployment up to 10 batteries in parallel Can withstand in -20°C ~ +60°C

Light weight Faster charge Strong environmental working conditions
40% less weight than lead acid battery Can fully charge within 1. 5 hours
Ideal for outdoor hot climate and harsh environment where CATV UPSs are installed and used


> UPS / Energy storage system / Emergency lighting / Medical equipment


Model: ES512-300NH
Nominal voltage: 512V(±256V)
Capacity:3 300Ah
Energy:153 153.6kWh
Recommend discharging current: 150A
Maximum discharging current: 1200A
Recommend charging current: 150A
Maximum charging current: 300A
Charging temperature range: 0-45℃
Discharge temperature range: -20-60℃
Recommend charging voltage: 560-576V
Discharging cut-off voltage: 432-448V
Dimensions: 6*(600*600*2000mm)
Cycle Life ≥3000 Cycles @ 100% DOD @ 25°C
Communication RS485、CAN、TCP/ IP
Safety Standard CE, UN38.3
Design life 15+ years @25°C
Protection Short circuit, over charge, over discharge, under charge, under discharge, over/under temperature etc.

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What is the difference in charging time?
Faster charging times are beneficial if you need backup power to be restored quickly. EverExceed UPS lithium battery fully meets the needs of use

How do the lifespan and cycle life compare?  
These factors will impact the long-term maintenance and replacement costs.

What are the differences in physical size and weight?
Understand the dimensions and weight of each UPS system to ensure it can be accommodated in your available space.    Consider if you need a compact and lightweight solution or if you have ample room for a larger unit.

What are the safety considerations?
Inquire about the safety mechanisms and protections incorporated into each UPS system to prevent issues such as overcharging, short circuits and thermal events.    This is crucial for the reliable and secure operation of the UPS.

How do your equipment requirements align with each UPS?
Ensure that the UPS type is compatible with the power requirements, voltage compatibility, and interfaces of your existing equipment.

What type of support is needed for each battery technology?   
Understand the level of technical support and maintenance services offered for each battery type and ensure that you can obtain reliable support throughout the lifespan of the UPS.
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