Telecom lithium battery

19 Inch Rack Mount 2U Telecom Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack 48V 100ah LiFePO4 Battery

EverExceed 2U 4.8kWh lithium battery module, designed for 19-inch server racks, provides a compact and efficient energy storage solution. Ensure reliable and environmentally friendly power supply for critical server equipment. The module is designed to be easily integrated into server battery backup systems, providing enhanced security performance through integrated intelligent BMS. Suitable for telecommunications and computer room applications.

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    UN38.3, CE, IEC62619, Rohs
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    Yes, customized
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    483 x 550 x 90mm
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19 Inch Rack Mount 2U Telecom Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack 48V 100ah LiFePO4 Battery

Key Features

● Excellent deep cycle ability: ≥3000 cycles@ 100%DOD;
● 15+ years design life;
● Built-in smart BMS with intelligent automatic protection for overcharge, over discharge, over current, short-circuit and over temperature etc.;
● IEC62619, UN38.3, CE, RoHs, etc;

● High compatibility with most brands of rectifier as a system, HUAWEI, DPC, etc.;
● Optional gyroscope anti-theft function;
● Modbus protcol available, RS485 port;

● Space-saving 19-inch standard rack mount design;
● Modular design, easy to install;
● Supports max 15 sets in parallel to expand capacity;
● No maintenance required through out the lifetime;


Our factory

Nominal Characteristics
Battery Model EV48100-T
Nominal Voltage 48 V
Nominal Capacity 100 Ah
Nominal Energy 4800 Wh
Electrical Characteristics
Recommended Boost Charging Voltage 54±0.5V
Floating Float Charging Voltage 54±0.5V
Recommended Charging Current 30A
Maximum Disharging Current 100A
Operating Conditions
Cycle Life ≥3000 Cycles@100% DOD@25
Roundtrip Efficiency ≥98%
Operating Charge Temperature 0℃ to +50℃
Operating Discharge Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Mechanical Characteristics
Length x Width x Height 483 x 550 x 90mm
Weight 42.5 Kg
Terminal M6

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  • EV48100-T(15S) 2U 483x550x90 V1.0 20240413.pdf
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