Security Solution for public entertainment places
Mar 02, 2021
CCTV Systems are the most common form of security in public places and used for general Surveillance over large open spaces. Examples of relevant public spaces include:
Public parks
Pedestrian zed streets in city centers
Outdoor public parking areas
Residential neighborhood streets
Public transport interchanges

Areas outside public facilities such as sports arenas and subway stations

The writings will help you better understand the benefit of CCTV Surveillance solution for the Public entertainment areas.

What is CCTV?

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a surveillance technology. More specifically, it is a system in which a number of video cameras are connected in a closed circuit or loop, with the images produced being sent to a central television monitor or recorded. These days CCTV is used as a generic term for a variety of video surveillance technologies.
A complete CCTV system (for the purposes of this report) comprises:
One or more cameras that view a public area
A mechanism to transmit video images to one or more monitors
Video monitors to view the scene—usually accompanied by recording devices such as a time-lapse video recorder or computer hard drive for digital images

A viewer or camera operator, such as a police officer or security guard


How CCTV Aims to Prevent Crime:

In summary, public agencies wishing to install CCTV systems in public places should consider these two key points:
The area under surveillance should cover only clearly public areas.
Surveillance equipment can use zoom, tilt, and pan to enhance video capture, and enhanced microphones to detect sound.

Although CCTV has many functions, the primary preventative utility is to trigger a perceptual mechanism in a potential offender. It seeks to change offender perception so the offender believes if he commits a crime, he will be caught.

Other Benefits:

A number of other benefits, beyond a reduction in crime, may be accrued from a CCTV system, including:
Reduced fear of crime
Aid to police investigations
Provision of medical assistance
Place management
Information gathering

Diffusion of benefits

Camera Functionality:

Additional features available include night vision, bullet-proof casing, motion detection, facial recognition, and even defensive mechanisms that detect when a camera is under attack and train other cameras to that location. These features do not necessarily improve the crime reduction function, though they may improve the system’s survival ability. They will also increase the costs.

Where Should Cameras be Located?
The choice of camera locations should also valuable and can be determined by conducting a number of site visits that examine the lines of sight for cameras and identify any potential obstructions. The main determining factor should be the crime problem, and crime mapping systems can be fundamental in identifying crime hot spots and other areas of need.

Our Technical Consultants at EverExceed Security Division can help you to implement different security solutions that will ensure people are protected within a surveillance system in public entertainment place.

Some Recent Project designs for Public entertainment places are given below:

                                                       Schematic diagram of connecting 3ring networks together

                                                                     Wireless bridge network link diagram

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