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We are a registered ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 manufacturer having our three factories and three R&D facilities in UK. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, EverExceed has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing industrial batteries, electrical power products and is always dedicated to producing the world-class quality and more cost-saving power products for customers around the world.

Fatory of Critical power products

Factory area approximately 5000 ㎡ ; 2 production lines;

Monthly production capacity:

200pcs industrial chargers; 260pcs data center solution; 200pcs UPS;

Annual Production Capacity:

2000pcs industrial chargers; 2600pcs data center solution; 2000pcs UPS;   

Total staff: 100, including 22 technical engineers, 

46 production workers; 9 quality personnel.

Fatory of Lithium batteries

Factory area approximately 3000 ㎡

2 cell production lines;

Monthly production capacity: 24MWh;

Annual Production Capacity: 280MWh;

focused on energy storage & motive power batteries.

For example 12V100AH can be produced about 20000pcs/month, 200000+pcs/year. 

Total staff: 70, including 11 technical engineers, 42 production workers; 6 quality personnel.

Factory of lead acid batteries

Approximately 60000 ㎡; 6 production lines;

Monthly production capacity: 60,000 KVAH;

Annual Production Capacity: 720,000 KVAH;


For example 12V100AH produce about 48000pcs/month, 576000pcs/year.

Fatory of NiCd batteries


Approximately 23000 ㎡ ; 4 production lines;

Monthly production capacity: 4680KVAh;

Annual Production Capacity: 56,000 KVAh;

For example 1.2V100AH battery, the production capacity is  about 39000pcs/month, 468000pcs/year.

Total staff: 120, including 10 technical engineers, 68 production workers; 15 quality personnel.

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