EverExceed is Authorized as a Specialized & Sophisticated SME
Apr 27, 2023
On March 15, 2023, the Shenzhen SMEs Service Bureau announced the list of specialized sophisticated SMEs in Shenzhen for 2022. Through layers of experts evaluation and comprehensive assessment, EverExceed, with its innovative advantages and technical strength in new energy technology, was successfully authorized as a specialized sophisticated SME in Shenzhen.

This high recognition not only represents the affirmation of our company in product innovation, patent achievements, RD investment, growth index, and talent structure but also highlights our scientific and technological strength. It’s the result of many years of EverExceed efforts on product innovation unswervingly following the path of scientific and technological achievements. Since being established 20+ years ago, EverExceed has been dedicated to developing technological innovation for providing More flexible, More reliable, More affordable products and solutions to customers. It has reached a high level in the innovation of technological achievements and has received many high praises and reputation from customers over the world.

With the honor authorized by the government and a strong social responsibility, EverExceed is more motivated to invest in the RD of more innovative products. By placing innovation ability at the core, EverExceed is committed to driving the development of the energy storage industry and creating a world of green energy with customers and partners in the future.

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