EverExceed presents new 12-pulse industrial battery charger
Sep 17, 2021

Recently EverExceed launched uXcel Premium Series Rectifier Battery Charger for critical applications.  This brand new 12-pulse battery charger is based on interchangeable sub-assemblies that has the engineering expertise to develop field-proven and robust structure which can sustain in extreme and harsh environmental conditions as well as industrial environments. It integrates proven design topology with the latest advanced digital control technology to control the 12-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier and provide the most reliable and trouble free performances ever.

The industry leading chargers portfolio meets up to IP55 protection, high reliability and high MTBF, reduced MTTR technology, 20+ years life span, robust mechanical design, large LCD display, communication and remote monitoring, wide voltage and current rate,  RS232,RS485 network interface.

EverExceed's manufacturing facilities are equipped with world's latest and most advanced machineries. The Company is constantly upgrading its technology and also acquiring new technology to meet the ever increasing demands of its customers. In addition to the state-of-the-art in-house RD center recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. 

These chargers are flexible for customized solution and fully adaptable to customers diverse power protection needs. Moreover its unique design and compatibility with all kinds of battery make this charger to earn its acceptability to the international leading standard as well.

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