EverExceed Lead Acid Battery passed the IEC60896 AND IEC61427 tests
Dec 09, 2022

Recently, EverExceed’s Lead Acid Batteries have successfully achieved IEC test reports issued by one of the authoritative institutes.


“IEC” stands for International Electrotechnical Commission which provides a standardized approach to testing and certification. IEC testing brings together the agreed-upon set of rules, specifications, and terminology that allow manufacturers to have their devices tested for conformity. We are very glad to get that certificate to offer our Lead Acid Batteries to our global customers.


To achieve the test reports, we prepared Lead Carbon Battery, Solar Gel Range VRLA, Deep Cycle AGM Range VRLA, Gellyte Range VRLA battery samples delivered to the institute. After several  months of required procedure , the "Capacity Test”, “Generic Cycling Endurance Test”, “Charge Retention Test” “Cycling Endurance Test in Photovoltaic Applications (extreme conditions)” were conducted according to the IEC 61427-2013 test standards.

In the other part, “Gas emission test”, “High current tolerance test”, “Short circuit current and d.c. internal resistance test”, “Requirement for protection against internal ignition from external spark sources test”, “Requirement for protection against ground short propensity test”, “Content and durability of required markings test”, “Material identification test”, “Valve operation test”, “Flammability rating of materials test”, “Intercell connector performance test”, “Discharge capacity test”, “Recharge behavior test”, “Information on thermal runaway sensitivity test”, “Impact of low temperature service on capacity test”, “Dimensional stability at elevated internal pressures and temperatures test” “Stability against mechanical abuse of units during installation test” were conducted for Tubular OPzV Range VRLA battery according to the IEC 60896-21:2004 IEC 60896-22:2004 test standards.


Our Lead Acid Batteries have successfully passed all the tests obtained very good results. The IEC certification and test reports guarantee that the products meet international standards and are safe for a wide variety of applications such as telecom, electric power, railway, infrastructure industry, renewable energy solution, etc. 


EverExceed is a global provider of power solutions with 20+ years of battery manufacturing experience. It is always specializing engaged in R D, production, sales and marketing of industrial batteries, critical power, renewable energy etc.



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