EE-BMS-E1 (Battery Online Monitoring Module)

EE-BMS-E1 is a comprehensive online battery monitoring system designed for UPS, telecom, power utility, solar applications. This BMS can monitor all cell voltage, internal resistance, current and temperature at regularly scheduled intervals. It is basically a window based software  for real time viewing, automatic data collection, data analysis and report generating.

EverExceed Battery monitoring system (EE-BMS-E1) has high reliability and stability with precision algorithm. The modular design easily expands to monitor an unlimited number of strings. It detects early identification of battery failure so that initiative actions can be taken without hampering the operation.

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Technical Features:

·         Modular design, adapt to different battery applications;

·         Compact size, flexible for on- site installation;

·         Patent algorithm to ensure the accuracy of measurement;

·         Much smaller discharge current, no damage on battery;

·         No effect on battery pack assembling and operating environment;

·         Opto-isolate testing technology & multiple safety protection;

·         Real time monitoring of each battery voltage, temperature & current;

·         Diversified event management & alarm setting criteria;

·         Detailed historical data record for maintenance analysis;

·         Ethernet network management & centralized monitoring;

·         Optional wireless alarms via cell phone for maintenance;

·         RTU modes of MODBUS protocol for communication


  • Data center
  • Railway transport
  • Electricity power
  • Radio & TV system
  • Telecom base station
  • Insurance data center
  • Medical
  • Aviation

EE-BMS-E1 Module Parameters
Voltage Measurement Range 1.5 ~ 16v
Internal Resistance Measurement Range 0.05 ~ 250mΩ
Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±0.2%     Full Scale
Current Measurement Accuracy ±2%
Internal Resistance Repeat Accuracy ±2%
Temperature measurement accuracy ±1
Isolation Characteristic Input /Output    > 4kV
Power Consumption Each module    < 0.2W
System Communication Parameters
Communication Interface RS232, LAN
Communication Protocol Modbus, R-bus

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