uXcel Series Battery Charger

The EverExceed uXcel range industrial battery charger is the flagship charger of EverExceed Industrial Power solutions. It integrates proven design topology with the latest advanced digital control technology to control the 6-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier and provides the most reliable and trouble-free performances in any electrical and industrial environments.

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Technical Features:

  • Versatile constant voltage and constant current charging modes.
  • Enhanced Robustness: Mechanical design to withstand vertical and horizontal acceleration stress up to 0.5g as standard.
  • Leading Technology - Phase-controlled Thyristor technology.
  • The embedded micro-computer controller processes signals 10 time faster than standard analog methods.
  • Flexible maintenance and Reduced MTTR:  The design makes it easy for front-access to all vital modules of the charger.
  • Long design life up to 20+ years:  system design life up to 20+ years in continuous operation under the condition of appropriate maintenance.
  • Isolation transformer.
  • Multilingual digital graphic display with embedded event log.
  • Full compatibility with lead-acid and nickel- cadmium batteries, sealed or vented.
  • Large LCD display: User-friendly operation with large LCD display, touch screen optional with the choices of 8 languages made to order.
  • Smart Communication and Remote Monitoring: Through isolated RS232, RS485, Ethernet. Full data logging.

Applications for DC Power Solution:

The EverExceed uXcel Rectifier-Charger rangesuits all DC applications requiring a large battery back-up:

  • Power transmission and distribution;
  • Continuous process industries;
  • Oil and Gas and petrochemical industries;
  • Transportation (Rail, metro,tramway).

Nominal AC voltage Three phase + N (380VAC/400VAC/415VAC)
Input voltage tolerance ±10%
Input frequency 50Hz(60Hz)
Input frequency tolerance ±5%
Nominal DC voltage 24/48/110/120/220/240/400
Output voltage range 0-1.5×nominal voltage(adjustable)
Voltage stability ±1% in float mode, input within tolerance
Voltage ripple 1% RMS(with battery connected)
Static voltage regulation <1%(for 0-100% load variation,±10% AC input voltage variation
Dynamic voltage 200μs
Type Lead Acid or Nickel Cadmium vented or recombination
General data
Operating temperature -6~55℃
Storage temperature -20 to +70°C
Relative humidity <90%
Oprating attitude 1000 m max without derating
Cooling  Fan cooling(Small power natural convection)
Efficiency 88%(full power)
External protection IP21
Noise (dB) 55 – 65 dB according to rating
Frame colur RAL 7035
Dimensions Varying according to ratings & options
Standards IEC60146-IEC60439-IEC60726-IEC61000-6-2 IEC61000-6-4- IEC 62040(-1,-2,-3)

      Project: Power plant

Country: Mali, Africa

Year: 2015

Brief Introduction:

EverExceed supplied uXcel series battery charger for the power plant projects in Mali, Africa. We delivered 7 sets of 48V 100A charger and 7 sets of 125V 200A charger for the projects. Our overseas team successfully finished the installation of 14sets of uXcel series battery charger. 

      Project: Power development

Country: Bangladesh

Year: 2017

Brief Introduction:

In 2017, EverExceed supplied 38sets of uXcel  series battery charger for the project of BPDB (Bangladesh Power Development Board) in Bangladesh. Our customers installed 110V 75A charger in the power substation and after the successful completion of the project we received good feedback from our customers. 

      Project: NGCP Substation

Country: Philippines

Year: 2016~2017

Brief Introduction:

From 2016~2017 EverExceed supplied uXcel series battery charger for NGCP substation projects in Philippines. We delivered 4sets of 125V 200A charger and 6 sets of 125V 60A charger for the projects of NGCP Carmen substation, NGCP Jessan substation, NGCP Nisipit substation respectively. With the help of our local customers the installation has been successfully finished.

      Project: Railway project

Country: United Arab Emirates

Year: 2014

Brief Introduction:

In 2014, EverExceed overseas team along with customers finished the industrial charger installation project for Abu Dhabi Railway. We helped installing 5sets of 72V 200A battery charger for this project. We received positive feedback from our customers till now. 

      Project: DESCO

Country: Bangladesh

Year: 2019

Brief Introduction:

In 2019, EverExceed supplied 21sets of uXcel  series battery charger for the power supply substation project of DESCO (Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited) in Bangladesh. We delivered model 110V 50A charger for the power substation projects. We completed our delivery and customers installed the battery chargers successfully. 

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