Prestigious Patent for Smart IT Cabin Solution
May 16, 2019

Recently EverExceed proudly achieved two new patents for 'Micro module monitoring system of Smart IT Data Array Solution' and 'Alarm system of Smart IT Cabin Solution'. We have been successfully providing Data Center solutions for many years to our global customers. Our highly experienced RD team has been involved for such a long time to develop the Smart IT Cabin Solution as well as Smart IT Data Array Solution with most advanced features to make it more capable with the latest Data Center requirements. Therefore, these two patents evidently represent the high proficiency and excellent quality of our Smart IT cabin solution.

Our Smart IT Cabin Solution product is well-known as compact Data center solution for its high integrity modularity as well as scalable configuration high efficiency technology. This IT cabinet has been designed to meet the high availability power needs of a variety of application along with simplicity and low cost of ownership. The intelligent monitoring system and the advanced alarm system make this product to earn its excellence to the international leading standard.

The Smart IT Cabin Solution has been featured with intelligent power distribution, smart monitoring module, modular UPS, batteries, air conditioning system, user friendly LCD display, fire extinguisher, emergency fan along with sensors in one cabinet. The anti seismic solid cabinet conforms to UBC Seismic Zone 4 standard. The cabinet is completely enclosed intelligent machine room, dust proof, noise proof, compatible with all types of batteries, plug and play, and easier expansion up to 10 cabinets in parallel. The single rack capacity is 3KVA/6KVA/10KVA and the rack size is 42U. The major advantage of the Smart IT cabin Solution is that it can operate 365 days 7*24 hours without any attendant because of its advanced alarm system and intelligent remote monitoring and controlling system for which our product has earned the patents, also saves great OPEX of users.

EverExceed always determine to create new generation IT products and solutions to contribute to the Data center industry. Previously, we also received prestigious awards for our high quality Data center products and solutions.  We promise to keep our product quality as high as we earned the patents for safe, efficient and economical Data center.

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