Power Distribution Unit

EverExceed Smart PDU offers the highest level of monitoring by providing outlet-level data collection adopting advanced NPM design with combination of network communication, power distribution and accurate measurement of energy consumption. The device is well equipped with engineering solution with the most advanced configuration options available for special applications. The technology is fully compatible with modern data center environment. It can be operated in both horizontal and vertical position. Our extremely reliable PDU help small, midsize enterprise and collocation datacenters to increase efficiency, raise productivity and improve reliability.

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Technical Features:

• Remote network management via web, SNMP and Telnet;
• Remote control function via computer or mobile app;
• Intelligent reporting via email, sms etc.;
• USB multifunctional interface for wireless communication;
• RJ11 Interface for temperature & humidity sensor;
• Smart meter with LCD display;
• Work schedule management;
• User privilege management with power saving mode;
• Automatic alarm with power indicator;
• Server monitoring with fault detection & restart.


• Computer Room

• Data centers

• Small & medium enterprises

• Industrial automation and production.

Phase: Three phase/ single phase voltage

PDU: 1U or 1.5U

Smart meter: Web, SNMP, Telnet, RS485,IP&RS485, USB

IEC320 C 13 locked socket (patent) with anti-tripping function

LCD Display (Current, voltage, frequency, power factor and energy values)

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