Power Champion TX Series Online UPS

PowerChampion-TX series in-built transformer three phase UPS applies advanced technology that increases performance
and reliability: two high speed DSPs with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power supply, high input power
factor and low input current distortion. With in-built transformer, the PowerChampion-TX is providing more safety to critical
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Technical features:

  • In-built galvanic isolation transformer
  • High input PF> 0.99;Input current THDi<4%
  • Muti-protection, over-temperature protection with 8 sensors, over-load, battery under voltage, fan failures, short-circuit
  • Four circuit breakers, providing full protection when fault happens
  • Battery cold start
  • Battery management: smart charging control, auto maintenance, greatly extend the battery life
  • Parallel up to 8 units
  • Friendly operation interface, high-resolution LCD screen


  • IDC(Internet Data center),ISP,IT Room, Service Center
  • Precision instruments ,Intelligent equipments

Capacity 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA
Phase                                                                                                       3Ph+N+PE,380V/400V/415V(line-line)
Voltage range     304-478Vac (line-line),full load; 228V-304Vac (line-line),load decrease linearly according to the min phase voltage
Frequency range 40-70Hz
THDI <4% <3%
Power factor >0.99
Voltage                                                            380/400/415VAC (line-line)
Voltage regulation                         1.5%
THDu                                                         <1%(linear load),  <1%(linear load), 
<5.5% (non-linear load) <5%(non-linear load)
Power factor                                                                                                                         0.9
Frequency range                                                                                                              50/60Hz
Frequency precision                                              ±0.01%
Overload capability                                                          110% for 60 min; 125% for 10 min;150% for 1 min;>150% for 200ms
Voltage                                                                                                                           ±240VDC
Charge power                                                                                                         20%*System Power
Voltage precision                                                                                                                 1%
System efficiency Normal mode: 92%
ECO mode: 95%
Battery mode: 92%
Display                                                                                                                 LCD + LED + Keyboard
IP class                                                                                                                                IP20
Interface                                                                                                  Standard: RS232, RS485,Dual input kit; Option: SNMP, Dry contact, Parallel kit, Battery cold start
Operation temperature                                                                                                      0-40°C
Relative humidity                                                                                                 0-95%(non-condensing)
Noise                                                                                                                     <55dB (1 meter away)
Weight(kg)                                                            200 210 220 240 300
Dimension (W*D*H)(mm)                                                                                                                                   350*738*1335     500*840*1400

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  • EverExceed PowerChampion-TX series UPS(10-40KVA)(V2.1).pdf
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