Medical Equipment Lithium Battery

EverExceed LiFePO4 and Lithium NCM battery system ensure optimal performance of each medical equipments. These battery systems play vital role for even the most demanding applications, giving them greater energy density, lower weight and longer life capability. 

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Advanced Features:

•   Ultra long life cycle

Extremely longer life cycles than lead acid batteries, (3000 @100% DOD).

•   Wide operational temperature range: 

Wide operational temperature range of -20 °C (4℉) and +65 °C (149℉) makes it superior than any lead acid batteries. 

•   Lighter Battery weight: 

Lighter than equivalent lead acid batteries.

•   Long shelf life: 

It has long shelf life up to 2 years without any fresh charging.

•   Safety: 

Advanced BMS ensures safety from over voltage, over current, over charging, over discharging, over temperature etc.

•   Green Energy: 

Non-toxic, no harmful heavy metals used that can harm the environment. Odorless and looks clean.

•   Fast Charging: 

Superior fast charging capability, 1hr charging to 90% can be provided.

•   Flexible configuration: 

It has configuration flexibility, support parallel connection expansion. Easy to install so no need for additional man power cost.

EverExceed Technology LiFePO4 NCM
Voltage Capacity (V) 3.2~14.8 3.2~14.8
Current Capacity (mAh) 1100~6600 1100~6600
Weight balance weight as per original design
Charging Time (h) Standard Charging Time is <5hr, 1hr charging to 90% can be provided
Operational Temperature (°C) Discharge: -20°C~+50°C / Charging: 0°C~45°C
Cycle Life >2000~3000 times >1000~1500 times
Warranty 2 years, 5+ years optional, life expectancy up to a lot more
Connector connector & plug: compatible with Anderson, Molex, Andes, JST etc.
***tailor solution can be provided as per user requirement for different devices.

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